Pique breaks Shakira’s back with his first official photo with Clara Chia (witness)


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homeland- Two weeks after Shakira released her song with Argentinian Bizzarb, former footballer Gerard Pique uploaded his first photo to his Instagram account with Clara Chia, his current girlfriend.

The relationship is now official

Despite the spread of photos of them together, neither of them publicly confirmed or denied their relationship, which was finally confirmed by the photo published by the former player.

In this way, two weeks after Pique and Clara Xia were subjected to enormous media pressure and endless rumors about their relationship, they put an end to speculation. And it is that the now businessman wanted to show his love for the young woman through a “selfie” that contradicts the reports of the crisis that have been published in recent weeks, even though they were seen in the same car.

First official photo of Pique and Clara

Clara Xia continues without public social networks, despite the important step taken by Pique by publishing the first photo of the two of them together.

Image without comment

The post was the subject of much speculation among fans who tried to debunk the meaning behind his photo, which he left without comment. Many followers took to the comments to share their thoughts.


Of course, Shakira’s fans flocked to Pique’s post to make it clear that they weren’t amused.


Some of the notable comments made were “How much a little love does it take to upload this”, and “Obviously it’s official and the jam-eating attitude is free”. “It can be assumed that not only did Shakira receive an apology, but she also did not prepare for it.”

Clara is suffering

Earlier, the famous journalist, Mamarazis, revealed in a new episode of the podcast how Clara Xia, 23, deals with this complex situation.

According to journalists, Clara Xia tries to deal with the events naturally and “demure”, although it is not always easy. Especially since many people around her say it is an “uncomfortable” situation. What is worse now is that she is being publicly identified.

They stop her in the street to ask her who she is, they sing her a song, and everyone recognizes her. Being a rather shy girl, Shea is now a lot quieter, according to journalist Lorena Vazquez.

She added that Clara’s relationship with Pique is going well, and added: “He loves her very much and is attached to her.”

Finally, Laura Va noted that Clara continues to go to work “in a normal way”, in the office of Pique’s global holding company Kosmos.



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