An accurate medical diagnosis saves a girl from certain death in Dubai

An accurate medical diagnosis saves a girl from certain death in Dubai
An accurate medical diagnosis saves a girl from certain death in Dubai

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Doctors in a hospital in Dubai succeeded in saving the life of a girl who had serious complications that required a complex abdominal surgery, which was crowned with success.

A preliminary diagnosis made in a hospital in Sharjah revealed that an 8-year-old Indian girl, Janvijith Kilath, had an enlarged liver, along with mesenteric lymphadenitis, which led to symptoms such as vomiting, fever and severe abdominal pain that lasted for three consecutive days.

Accordingly, the sick child was urgently referred to Dr. Venkatesh M. Annigiri, Consultant Pediatric Surgeon at NMC Royal Hospital, because the enlarged liver that was detected by CT scan and ultrasound is not considered a disease in itself, but rather a symptom that indicates the presence of a disease. Or another problem in the child’s body, according to the doctors supervising the case.

“Mesenteric lymphadenitis affects the lymph nodes in the abdomen, which are part of the immune system, as they trap harmful elements such as bacteria and viruses and prevent their spread in the body,” said Dr. Annegiri.

Lymphadenitis led to a severe obstruction in the small intestine and peritonitis, which means a perforation in the intestinal wall, resulting in inflammation and sepsis in the child’s intestines, according to Dr. Annigiri, who immediately decided to undergo urgent surgery.


During the course of the surgery, it was revealed that there was a double cyst in the small intestine, which is a rare condition, accompanied by gangrene, which led to the death of part of the intestine and perforation of the cyst, which is the part that was removed by surgeons.


Dr. Ananth Bai Kalsank, Medical Director of NMC Royal Hospital, explained that this condition of cysts can form and grow in any part of the intestine, digestive system, or reproductive system, such as the ovaries, and sometimes the cyst forms as a copy of the cells of the affected organs, and therefore it is called the double cyst. It is a very difficult condition to diagnose and detect even with the most advanced imaging and diagnostic tools.

Dr. Nilesh Kumar Panchal, Head of Department and Pediatric Specialist at the hospital, added that the exact cause of this abnormal growth in the tissue of the small intestine is still unknown, and the growth of a double cyst is a very rare congenital condition, which means that it occurs in the gastrointestinal tract before it develops. The child is born, and early surgical intervention after diagnosis prevents the occurrence of serious complications, as in the case of the child Janvijith Kilath.

Commenting on the case, the parents of the child, Janvijith, expressed their happiness at the return of their daughter to practicing sports activities after 4 weeks of discharge from the hospital, and said: “We are grateful to the medical team for the care they provided to our child and she is now happy to return to school.”

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