Ibb.. “Daily Killing and Terror” Governorate and the Orphan Good Initiatives of the People

Ibb.. “Daily Killing and Terror” Governorate and the Orphan Good Initiatives of the People
Ibb.. “Daily Killing and Terror” Governorate and the Orphan Good Initiatives of the People

It was not in the imagination of “Muhammad Al-Badani” (35 years), the young Yemeni expatriate in the United States, that his city, which he left at the beginning of 2015, would collide with, turning into ruin in the infrastructure, especially the roads, which have become destroyed in the city center, which brings in billions of revenues annually. .

Al-Badani, who spoke to “Al-Sahwa Net”, was surprised by the state of deliberate neglect of the governorate by the de facto Houthi authorities, and said: “The militias deliberately plunder the governorate’s capabilities and found projects for all roads in Dhamar governorate, while it is reasonable to prevent the governorate from restoring even the street.” The main road in the Ring Road, which is a major road linking a number of governorates.

“Muhammad” returned to visit his family in the middle of last year 2022, coinciding with the continuation of the armistice in Yemen, and he said: “We believed that the media exaggerated the bad situation in Ibb, but the truth is much worse, and the Houthis are taking the governorate as a project for looting only, even the governor appointed by them is being marginalized.” and a state of distrust.

The governorate of Ibb (central Yemen) is entering its ninth year in a row under the power of the Houthi militia, which constantly commits crimes against citizens and created a state of security chaos in the city, which is among the most populous Yemeni governorates.

In this report a site is made “Al-Sahwa Net” A conservative image in the year 2022, and in general, in addition to the collapse of services in the governorate, the Houthi militia has turned the lives of citizens into terror and fear with the barbarity of the crimes it commits, which targeted many of the governorate’s districts.

The violations and crimes of the Houthi militia emerge as a general and continuous situation throughout its areas of control, but the city of Ibb has a special case in that the militias use their revenues entirely for the benefit of their wars, at a time when they do not provide any service, not only that, but also prevent any relief programs for organizations from projects in the governorate .

In another picture outside the authority of the Houthi militias, expatriates outside the country from Ibb governorate present a prominent social model in helping many citizens, and adopting local initiatives and projects in their villages and regions that contribute to community development, despite the militias’ attempts to obstruct them, but they continue their activities despite that to serve their families.

Houthi violations

When talking about the governorate of Ibb in the year 2022 and the power of the Houthi militia, the violations can only be the front for it and nothing else, as the local “Rasd” organization was able to document and monitor a number of the Houthi militia’s crimes against the citizens, despite the harassment and terrorism that they are exposed to. Victims have the right to inform the monitors of those crimes

According to the organization’s report, “the number of violations that affected citizens in the various directorates of Ibb governorate reached 6,296 crimes and violations, which the governorate witnessed during 2022, and were distributed between murder, injury, kidnappings, levies, torture, robbery, assaults, looting, oppression, abuse, thefts, storming schools and other crimes.”

The organization said, “It has monitored 551 murders and injuries in all districts of the province, including 241 people and 310 injured, including women, children and the elderly, in conjunction with a state of security chaos in the province, in which crime rates, killings, looting and theft of citizens’ property have increased.”

During the past world, armed conflicts emerged between Houthi elements and factions that claimed the lives of civilians, most notably the governorate’s land and real estate disputes, and many cases took the form of security chaos and incidents that were recorded against unknown persons due to the Houthi weapon that spread in the city.

Kidnapping and extortion to collect money

The report revealed that the Houthi militia had kidnapped 1,216 people, affecting a number of groups of society, including children, indicating that hundreds of abductees were subjected to horrific psychological and physical torture, as a result of which the deaths of 6 abductees were monitored. The release of any abductee except in return for money contributed to the increase in the number of kidnappings.”

The organization monitored 85 crimes of storming and raids on government institutions, facilities, private institutions, and homes, in addition to 22 crimes of looting carried out by militias, and dozens of private property and homes, with 34 cases during the year 2022, including hospitals, universities, civil and private institutions, and citizens’ homes. In addition, 9 cases of armed robbery on the lands of citizens estimated at hundreds of millions were monitored.


The militias stormed 15 mosques, in the various directorates of the province, and closed seven schools for the Koran during the past year, and during the past years, the militias closed many schools permanently during the past years.


The Houthi militia imposes levies and royalties on merchants, notables, and social figures to reach citizens over the past year, under several names, and by threatening means that affected hundreds of merchants, which forced them to pay large sums of money to the militia.

And the Houthi militia fuels the state of domestic violence in Ibb governorate, which has never witnessed the spread of criminal crimes, and according to human rights reports, “the culture of violence spread by the militias and impunity encouraged the spread and increase of the phenomenon of domestic violence.”

A broad rejection of the militias

The societal rejection among citizens in the various directorates of the province has not stopped despite the brutal repression and intimidation practiced by the militia against citizens who express their rejection of Houthi violations and crimes from time to time in the various directorates of the province.

In late November and early December, the city of Yareem witnessed widespread local protests, denouncing the Houthi militia’s killing of the young man, “Ahmed Wasel,” who was killed by militia bullets on November 29, 2022, by Houthi militia bullets in the central market in Yareem, after he refused to pay financial levies to the militia.

Following the murder of the young man “Wasel”, the city of Yarim witnessed mass demonstrations, in which the demonstrators chanted slogans calling for the departure of the militia and the accountability of the perpetrators who killed the young man “Wasel” in cold blood. At that time, the people tried to set up tents for a sit-in in front of the headquarters of the Directorate’s Security Department, where the militia members are present, but they were forcefully dispersed. arms and kidnapped dozens of them.

The city of Ibb (the center of the governorate) witnessed several demonstrations and vigils, rejecting the looting operations practiced by the militia leaders against the lands and property of citizens, and other demonstrations refusing to plunder the lands of the endowments, and dozens of merchants who rented from the endowments of the governorate carried out an open strike that lasted for days, rejecting the Houthi decisions that are being implemented. imposed on them under the influence of force and threat.

Community initiatives

Community initiatives, one of the features that characterized the local community in Ibb Governorate during the past year, which was a point of admiration and pride for the people of the governorate, as these initiatives were in a number of areas, the most prominent of which were roads and aid to the needy in conjunction with the collapse of the living conditions of citizens due to the war brought by the Houthis And the tragedy that followed.

The road repair and paving initiative was the most widespread in the various directorates of the governorate, in an attempt to revive local development as a societal option for survival, in light of the power of the militias that have no plans to serve the citizens as a collection and emergency authority that will go the same way as it was found in the governorate.

Community initiatives in the field of roads relied entirely on the local community, whether they were inside or outside the country, and expatriates in Saudi Arabia, America or the rest of the world had the largest share of bearing the costs of those initiatives that connected roads to several regions and repaired many bumpy roads, especially in rural areas Governorate.

In the Al-Sha’ar district, the citizens are working to repair a road two kilometers long and four meters wide in the “Mamsa Al-Malaki” area, with a community initiative, and it will be equipped with cement and stones laid. Dollars, and a number of roads with a length of 9 km were slipped, while the length of the main road was about 3 km.

According to a research study published in the year 2019, “56 villages of the Baadan district launched 44 community initiatives to build roads, of which 32 initiatives were finally implemented, as the contributions of expatriates accounted for 90%, and during the past years there has been an increase in the number of voluntary community initiatives within the rural community, in particular in the mountainous region.

The study, titled “Dynamic Villages,” considered, “Although the need to build roads for villages is the main motive behind the implementation of the large number of private initiatives, there is another motive represented in the process of imitation and competition between neighboring villages for the initiative and the mobilization of people for support, especially expatriates.”



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