Goods price list at Welcome Ramadan Showroom in Faisal.. Offers and discounts


The “Welcome Ramadan” exhibition in the land of the mills in Faisal is witnessing a great turnout by citizens. To buy basic commodities and Ramadan supplies at discounted prices, since its inauguration, with the participation of 11 companies affiliated with the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, offering all food commodities, meat, poultry and other commodities, in addition to the participation of many other companies and ministries.

The exhibition will be held on an area of ​​​​2000 square meters, and for a period of 3 months it will offer its products of basic and catering commodities, perfumery, dairy, meat, poultry, fish, oils, etc. in 101 sales packages, with a reduction rate of up to 30% from what is offered in the markets.

In the following lines, “The Seventh Day” explains the prices of the most prominent commodities in the exhibition

Packed white sugar at 14.5 pounds per kilo.

Wide-grain packaged rice at 14.5 pounds per kilo.

Bulk rice ranges between 12 and 13 pounds per kilo.

Shakayer rice, 13 pounds.

– Edible oil, a mixture of 800 grams, at a price of 34 to 35 pounds.

– Mixed oil, a 1-liter bottle, for 55 pounds.

– 2 and a quarter liters of sunflower oil, 135 pounds.

– 800 ml of sunflower oil, 56.5 pounds.

Packed premium flour ranges between 15 and 17 pounds per kilo.

– 400 grams of luxury pasta, between 7 and 8 pounds.

My beans are 40 pounds per kilo.


– Beans at 40 pounds per kilo.


Obesity 2 kilos for 90 pounds.

– Tea for 5.5 pounds.

– Tea 250 grams for 6.5 pounds.

Frozen Brazilian meat ranges between 120 and 130 pounds per kilo.

Sudanese meat at 135 pounds per kilo.

Kunduz and lamb at 165 pounds per kilo.

A carton of red eggs, 88 pounds.

A carton of white eggs, 80 pounds.

It is worth noting that the Giza Governorate confirmed that the Welcome Ramadan exhibition in Faisal will not be the last exhibition held by the governorate to provide the citizens’ needs of basic commodities at reduced prices, noting that the centers and neighborhoods of the governorate will witness during the coming period the establishment of 4 additional outlets for “Welcome Ramadan”, in The framework of the state’s efforts to control the markets and confront the monopoly of commodities by some merchants.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade continues to expand the establishment of “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions in all governorates, in implementation of the directives of the political leadership to provide food commodities to citizens at reduced prices, as well as securing a strategic stock of all products and basic commodities all the time, as the ministry offers all basic commodities and meat products at reduced prices. It ranges from 25 to 30% amidst the great demand for purchasing products from the outlets and branches of “Ahlan Ramadan” exhibitions.

Welcome Ramadan exhibition in the land of mills in Faisal

Welcome Ramadan exhibition in Faisal
Citizens' turnout for the Welcome Ramadan exhibition
Citizens’ turnout for the Welcome Ramadan exhibition



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