Iran.. Poverty writes the end of the regime

Iran.. Poverty writes the end of the regime
Iran.. Poverty writes the end of the regime

For four decades, Iran has not decided its vision for itself, specifically whether it is a state or a revolution?

The mullahs’ regime refuses to consider their country a Westphalian state that respects the rights of its neighbours, and takes into account the dictates of international laws and norms. At the same time, it strives to export its unblessed revolutionary vision, first across the region, and the rest of the world next, according to the missionary vision of its leaders, which is what Khomeini defined in At the beginning of his rule, he hoped to see the flag of the Iranian revolution flying over the Arab capitals.

Whatever the case, Iran has recently reached something like a closed road, and its regime has become trapped between a real popular revolution at home and unbearable pressures from abroad.

An in-depth look at the reality of the Iranian leadership leads us to say that it has always remembered Napoleon Bonaparte’s saying: “armies walk on their stomachs.” However, it is very clear that it has forgotten that people do the same thing, and has overlooked poverty as a main cause of elite revolutions, not plundering.

Interesting is the matter of those in charge of government affairs inside Iran, because while they see the world’s economic conditions deteriorating, and inflation and stagnation chasing the major countries, while debts are closing in on everyone, they are actively seeking to maximize their spending on expensive and not ordinary armaments, and the disbelievers should turn their face Moscow, where there is talk about a new deal to buy the highly advanced Russian Su-35 fighters, which rival modern American military aircraft, in one way or another, in sympathy with helicopters and missiles, and the first shipments are expected to be delivered this spring. That is, within a few weeks.

It is no secret that the Iranian Air Force in its current form dates back to before the Khomeini revolution in the late seventies, and it was not developed or modernized due to the sanctions.

Tehran found in the Russian-Ukrainian war the Trojan horse that enabled it to enter the heart of Moscow, especially through the armed drones, which played and still play a tangible role in confronting the Ukrainian forces.

Our story here is not the story of Iranian armaments, especially since everyone knows that it is not in a state of war with its neighbors, nor with any other force surrounding it, which raises questions about spending on conventional armaments, not to mention its relentless pursuit of its nuclear program, and its declared and hidden costs. .

The question related to the fate of the Iranian regime: “Is ignoring the Iranians’ daily needs, and the severe poverty and harshness that the majority of Iranians suffer from, will soon become the Achilles’ heel that writes the end of the Sader-Guyeh regime?

Those who have read the latest issue of the well-known American magazine “Newsweek” have decided that something is being arranged and orchestrated to exhaust the Iranian regime and shake its foundations, by playing on the living conditions of Iranians, which have become unbearable in form or subject.

The investigation was written by Michael Gvoller and David H., and it contains really dangerous data, including, for example, saying that the majority of Iran’s population has become pushed towards the abyss of poverty, for two reasons: the first is the economic deficit that the country’s budget suffers from, with which all the methods of circumvention and circumvention of exporting oil did not work. Iranian, no matter how announced otherwise.

The second is related to Western economic sanctions that are escalating day after day, especially with the clear and flagrant manipulation of nuclear plans, procrastination of time, with the obscurity of facts, and with the goal that is not lost from sight, which is obtaining nuclear weapons with the aim of imposing a certain hegemony that is consistent with its revolutionary visions in the region.


If these lines are translated into numbers, we find that 60% of Iranians now live below the poverty line, and the per capita monthly income is almost less than two dollars a day, and specifically $55 a month.


As for inflation in the Iranian borders and centers together, it reaches 50%, which was reflected in the value of the Iranian riyal, which fell to a historical extent last month, reaching 440 thousand for the US dollar, knowing that in the year 1979 and at the end of the Shah’s era, the dollar did not exceed the barrier The 75 riyals.

Is more poverty on the way to Iran, making the explosion inevitable?

It is most likely that this is the case, especially after the Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces are engulfed in the flames of the expected new sanctions, with the Europeans considering that armed Iranian gang a terrorist group, which was what the European Parliament voted on last Thursday.

Beyond that, Europe seems to be on the verge of including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the Iranian President, and the Iranian Prosecutor-General on the sanctions lists.

Has Europe awakened from its negligence and realized the nature of the Iranian regime?

It is certain that the recent internal Iranian authoritarian humiliation of the dignity of Iranians, and the insistence on the execution of Deputy Defense Minister Ali Akbari, who holds British citizenship, is sympathetic to the series of non-stop executions by the Iranian authorities against young people who reject internal oppression and tyranny.. It is certain that all of the foregoing has changed The directions of the French winds, which have long been patient with Iran’s totalitarian behavior, without overlooking European leaders and military strategists, the dangers that Iran poses as a nuclear power, especially since the range of Tehran’s ballistic missiles almost touches the airspace of European countries, especially the southern ones, and in tomorrow’s north, without any doubt. .

Is Washington far from what is happening?

The mullahs may think that the Americans are preoccupied with Biden’s documents files, or Trump’s candidacy for the presidency in 2024, but they are under a great delusion, as the Arctic states are not impressionistic but rather institutional, and perhaps this is what is evident from the statements of the former US Assistant Secretary of State, Robert Joseph, to the “Maariv” newspaper a few days ago. Days, that the end of the Iranian regime is near, and that the Iranian people are thirsty for freedom and democracy.

Is there a summary?

What the mullahs do not understand is that the nuclear arsenal does not fill the stomachs of the hungry with bread, and does not wet the lips of those thirsting for freedom with hope for a better tomorrow.

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