A panel discussion on the book “Nothing Here” by Khairy Hassan at the Friday Book Fair – Art

A panel discussion on the book “Nothing Here” by Khairy Hassan at the Friday Book Fair – Art
A panel discussion on the book “Nothing Here” by Khairy Hassan at the Friday Book Fair – Art

Tomorrow, Friday, January 27, a symposium on the book “Nothing Here” will be held at 3:00 p.m. in the “Plaza-1” writer and book hall, written by Khairy Hassan.

The book is a journey that the writer made at the River of Death, on whose banks – that is, the River of Death – he received the great poet Amal Dunqul, while he was on his sick bed, listening to the voice of the singer Muhammad Qandil while he sang (And the arrow that shot me / inevitably killed me).

And the artist, Mukhlis Al-Behairy, has been drowning – for years – in the Alexandria Salinas, along with his small family (wife and children), because of a semi-truck driven by a reckless man who fled on the run to this day.

And the artist, Aziz Othman, the owner of the song (Brew this – and listen to this / The crow, O Waqat Souda – his husband is the sweetest dove), and he is facing death alone in his house, where there is nothing but him, after he divorced the artist, Laila Fawzi, to marry her after a few days, the artist Anwar Wagdy, who also died – a few days later. Few of the death of Aziz Othman, who died of grief over her separation.

Characters covered in the book

And the journalist writer Mahmoud Awad, while he faces death alone in his apartment next to the Israeli embassy near the university bridge. And the genius director, Niazi Mustafa, as he faces death by suffocation (in the same way that would have led – years later – to the life of the popular singer Ahmed Adawiya) in his apartment near the Zoo in Giza.

And the great poet Salah Abdel-Sabour, as he faced death oppressed by a word that the famous cartoonist Bahgat Othman said to him when he said to him in the house of the great poet Ahmed Abdel-Moati Hegazy.

And in the presence of Jaber Asfour, Amal Dunqul and Abla Al-Ruwaini: “You sold, O Salah..and sold for a strong cheap!” The writer and translator, Nafisa Qandil, the wife of the great poet Muhammad Afifi Matar, who was killed by an electrician when he broke into her house before dawn prayer and stole her. She held her breath to death.

In the same way – with a slight difference – Regisser, “an artist’s assistant”, killed the artist, Wadad Hamdi, after he seized her money and strangled her in her bedroom until she died.


And the young translator and writer, Zuhair Al-Shayeb, as he faces death after a conspiracy hatched against him by a group of enemies of talent, including the late writer Anis Mansour in October Magazine.


The writer and thinker Sobhi Wahida is the author of the book “On the Egyptian Question” – which is the founding book for the studies and books that came after that on the Egyptian personality, the greatest and most famous of which is the genius of the place by the thinker Jamal Hamdan.

And Minister Ismail Siddiq / Sidqi the inspector, Minister of Finance of Khedive Ismail, who was killed by strangulation and his body was thrown into the Nile.

And the young man Khalil Abu Zaid, who returned from London in 1919 to stand with the revolutionaries of the 19 revolution against the English occupier, so he and his companions were executed, and his body was hidden until today, as his family does not know his grave.

Those and others in “Nothing Here”, you will sit with them on the river of their lives to know how they faced death “and death is unjust”, as there was nothing between him – i.e. death – and between them nothing but Him .. and that is life.

The writer sails us on the banks of the river of life – and death – with those historical, literary, journalistic and artistic personalities in his smooth, easy style, with which he dug – according to the description of the great journalist Abdullah Al-Sanawi – for himself a new path in the paths of Egyptian and Arab journalistic writing.

The book is discussed by Dr. Asim El-Desouki, Professor of Modern and Contemporary History. And Dr. Fatima Sayed Ahmed, former editor-in-chief of Rosa Al-Youssef newspaper and a member of the National Press Authority. And the Palestinian novelist and diplomat, Naji Al-Naji, the cultural advisor to the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Cairo. The symposium will be moderated and presented by Dr. Mahmoud Awadino, former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture.

Course participants

Hanan Al-Sagheer, Professor at the Faculty of Languages ​​/ Zaytouna University – Libya) Fathi Suleiman “Egyptian novelist”, Amal Salem “Egyptian critic” Ahmed Al-Jaafari “Egyptian poet”, Mai Mukhtar “Egyptian writer” – Musa Hawamdeh “Palestinian poet” – May Al-Dasouki “Egyptian researcher – Hussein Abdel Aziz, “Egyptian writer”



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