Essential necessities for women to travel for a more convenient and practical trip


Preparing all your travel needs is not stressful anymore. Because you will love these things that will help you a lot for your packing needs!


The cosmetic bag can be hung on the wall and used as a vanity bag. It can also be disassembled individually to store cosmetics according to your needs. Perfectly functional and looks very stylish!
Promising review: Good quality and very easy to keep all your products in one bag for all your travel requirements.”

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price: AED 28.99

Neck pillows are essential for a more comfortable ride. However, sometimes it may take up a lot of unnecessary space when not in use. This inflatable pillow can be folded when not in use and will also give you a lot of convenience.

Promising review: “Very compact when not in use. I used it a few times before I was sure of its effectiveness. Once you set it up.”

Price: 79.00 AED


This small box fits several pieces of jewelry. It is so small that it can easily fit in your handbag!


Promising review: “After trying many different brand products, this is the best!! You all can go ahead and buy without a doubt!! The material is excellent and comfortable. ”

Price: 59.99 AED

Toiletry kit includes 4 TSA approved 50ml spray bottles, 4 bottles consisting of a 50ml pump, 2pcs stickers and 2 storage boxes. You can pack everything you need on your trip very compactly!

Promising review: As it sounds like in the advertisement, a compact travel pack that you can use to travel without spills and accidents. It is of great quality and good value.

. ” Did you like that? get it

here price: AED79.99

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