Beaten to death..American police end the life of a brown man in 3 minutes –


Communication – Editorial Team:

5 dark-skinned American policemen killed an American of the same complexion, severely beating him for 3 minutes until he died.

Attorneys for the dead man’s family

Lawyers for the dead man’s family said that Tyre Nichols died after he was stopped in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was beaten by police for three consecutive minutes.

Law enforcement officials have allowed Nichols’ family and their attorneys to view body camera footage documenting the moments of Nichols’ arrest, which has not yet been made available to the public.


Five officers

After watching the footage, lawyer Antonio Romanucci said during a news conference that Nichols was unarmed the whole time while he was being beaten by five police officers, all of whom are also black.


And the death of the black young man, Tyre Nichols, 29, sparked outrage in the United States of America, after he was severely beaten by the Memphis police, which led to his death, in a story similar to similar stories that occurred during the recent period, but this time the heroes of the incident were black policemen. According to the “Insider” website.

The reason for his arrest

The Memphis Police Department said Nichols was arrested for reckless driving and fled the scene on foot after a confrontation with officers.

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