Saudi Ministry of Communications: Signing 8 agreements for projects in the field of emerging technologies


Riyadh – Mubasher: The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Saudi Arabia, announced the signing of 8 agreements in several areas: such as electronic financial technologies, artificial intelligence, digital health, the Internet of Things, cloud computing applications, and digital logistics solutions, as part of the ministry’s initiatives to support the sector by stimulating and encouraging the adoption of emerging technologies.

The ministry stated, according to what was reported by the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, today, Wednesday, that the agreements come as an extension of initiatives to activate various projects in the field of raising the adoption of emerging technologies, by providing support and solutions, linking stakeholders with each other, reviewing opportunities and enabling their application to beneficiaries.

The first agreement came to focus on the field of financial technologies “Fintech” between the solution provider, “Tray Investment Company”, which provides a solution for managing investment funds with artificial intelligence, with “Arbah Capital”, a company specialized in providing investment solutions, for a solution that will return the best results to customers and positively affect the provision of Various emerging technical solutions in the field of financial technology.

An agreement was also signed for the solution provider, “Tri Investment”, with “Makaseb Capital”, a company specialized in managing and trading investments, to support enabling investors to invest in artificial intelligence funds that were limited to large capitals.

The “Tri Investment” company concluded the third agreement in adopting its solution for managing investment funds with artificial intelligence with “Wathiq Capital”, which is concerned with providing integrated financial services, and will provide mutual support in the field of financial technology for the innovators of appropriate technical solutions.

In the field of health technology, the agreement was signed between the solution provider on the “Karz” platform, which uses Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence to analyze and read the results of diabetics, with “Medtronic”, a company concerned with providing medical technical solutions, in adopting a “Karz” solution that will enable them From avoiding complications for diabetics and achieving a better quality of life by building a treatment plan that is more accurately drawn for each patient by linking the patient’s data with the entity concerned with the treatment directly.

An agreement was also signed in the field of real estate technology (Proptech) between the “Orange Area” company, which is specialized in providing a parking management solution for cars using artificial intelligence technology, and “Atarcloud”, which provides a real estate property management solution using the Internet of Things. The solution is integrated between the two parties to raise the quality of performance. And reduce risks for real estate pioneers.

“Atarcloud” is considered an original party in another agreement with “Izdihar” for real estate development, where the “Atarcloud” solution lies in its contribution to the ease of the process of following up legal issues, making collections and other services for “Izdihar” Real Estate Development Company.


In the same field, an agreement was signed between “Conex”, which was attracted to the Saudi market, to provide a solution for real estate designs using artificial intelligence technology, with “Suleiman Real Estate” to keep pace with the direction of the company’s endeavors to keep pace with real estate technologies in the field and improve the efficiency of projects in record time.


The ceremony was concluded in the logistical field, through the solution provided by “Emdad Tech” with “SentLab” by providing the “Emdad Tech” solution for managing supply chains with blockchain technology, which will enable factories and companies to track their products from the manufacturing stage to the stage of production, delivery to customers and storage. Ending with reaching the final customer, which raises the quality of the products.

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