Who is Mazen Salem, the husband of Intisar Al-Sharrah?


Who is Mazen Salem, the husband of Intisar Al-Sharrah, who is Mazen Salem, the husband of the Kuwaiti actress, Intisar Al-Shariah, who chose comedy as an approach to her, captivating people’s hearts with her brilliant appearance on the small screen, and recently there were many questions about her husband, who stood helpless after the news of her entering the Mayo Clinic in The United States of America and the hospital administration refused to accept it, and this is what we will shed light on in our article

Who is Mazen Salem, the husband of Intisar Al-Sharaa?

Mazen Salem, the husband of Intisar Al-Sharaa, is considered one of the prominent economic figures in the State of Kuwait, a commercial economist, and one of the largest and most famous merchants in Kuwait. Education, where he obtained a master’s degree in commerce from an American, and after that he married the famous artist, Intisar Al-Sharaa, who bore him three children. Unlike his wife, Mazen Salem did not gain such fame. His wife, so information about him is still scarce.

Who is the victory of Sharia?

Ms. Intisar Al Sharaa is a famous Kuwaiti actress, who took a comic picture in most of her works, and there was a creative boom in the comedy show Goodbye London. She graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. 1985. After graduating from her artistic career, she had several roles distributed between theatrical and television work, and the Kuwaiti artist Intisar Al-Sharaa distinguished herself from her peers of her generation in the way she performed in the comic roles that led her to the fame of the throne. During a short period after graduation, she and the artist Daoud Al-Hussein formed a distinguished creative duo, and each presented to the other many artworks that were recorded in the history of Kuwaiti art, and among the most important collaborations between them are the following (“With Melodies”, “Take it with Vinegar”, “Cocktail”, “Live Marriage”, “Satellite TV”, etc.).

What is the biography of the victory of Sharia

Intisar Al-Sharra became famous for her acting, and she made her comedic approach, followed it, and introduced her own character to Kuwaiti comedy, thus becoming the first lady of comedy in Kuwait, in addition to being considered one of the prominent personalities. In the world of acting, her artistic career began in the late seventies of the last century through singing groups, and her association with the talented artist Maryam Al-Ghadhban played a major role in her obtaining the basics of art, after which she paved her way to acting in 1982, so her first professional appearance was in the movie He Gone and Didn’t Come Back, where I began to lay the first building block for the world of art and acting, when I entered the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. She graduated in 1985 to complete her creative career, a path that began even before the institute with her first work – the play “Goodbye London”, which became the starting point and was part of a series of focused works that left a great imprint on the hearts of Gulf residents in general, but her work began to decline after She wore the hijab in 2002, after some colleagues in the artistic community quarreled with her over wearing the hijab.

What is the biography of Sharia victory?

Intisar Al-Sharah is a wonderful Kuwaiti actress who was born and has a rich career in works that are predominantly comedic. In the following paragraphs, we will list the most important personal information related to the artist, Intisar, exactly.

  • Full name Intisar Ali Glutton
  • The father’s name is Ali Al-Sharaa
  • Date of birth Mrs. Intisar Al-Sharra was born on November 5, 1962.
  • Place of birth Kuwait.
  • Age Mrs. Intisar is 59 years old.
  • The nationality of the artist is Kuwaiti.
  • Religion Followers of the Islamic religion.
  • Intisar Al-Sharaa’s husband is married to the famous economist Mazen Salem.
  • The children of Intisar al-Shar’a for women are three sons, Salem, Ali and Dalal.
  • Office of Intisar Al-Sharaa Graduated from the Higher Institute of Arts.
  • The work of Intisar Al-Sharaa The lady works in acting.
  • Years of activity from 1981 to the present.

How does Intisar al-Sharaa work?

The able artist, Intisar Al-Sharaa, participated in many artworks, both on the program and series portal, in addition to her theatrical works, which made her a well-known and very well-known face in the media, and among her most important works are the following:

  • Plays She began her artistic career on stage in 1981, when she participated in her first play “Goodbye London”, in which she played the role of Samira, and her last theatrical work was in 2022, entitled “Steps of Satan”, in which she played the role. Latif, and between these two works she has nearly 60 theatrical performances.
  • A series that was or her series in 1982 in a critical series, and this is no longer the case, as she played her role with a character called Adhari, and her last television work was in 2022, such as Ibtihal in her latest series, Summer of Rain, and in these two. A year she had more than 90 television works of a comic nature.
  • Programs Her first media experience was in 1987 in the famous program with Al-Angham, which specializes in singing and music, and the last media work was in 2022 under the name of cinemas, and during these two years she had about 16 TV programs dedicated to art. .
  • Films Since 2022, she had her only movie role in the contemporary film Ya Beyond.

The cause of the death of evil triumph

Kuwaiti journalist Mai Al-Aidan denied the rumor of the death of the brilliant artist, Intisar Al-Sharaa, and wrote on her Instagram account that she completely and in detail refutes the rumor of the death of the talented artist, Intisar. The bulimia while she is still alive and also called for a speedy recovery because she is receiving treatment while she is in intensive care at Al-Amiri Hospital in Kuwait and that the gluttony is responding to treatment as required and treatment is provided to doctors by removing excess water bubbles inside her body, and she asked the rumor mongers to pray for her instead of Spreading false news increases the anxiety of her fans and family.

What is the health status of the victory of Shara

It seems that the great Kuwaiti artist, Intisar Al-Sharaa, is currently going through a severe health crisis after she traveled abroad to receive medical treatment, which raised concern among the fans of this famous Kuwaiti star in the last hours, especially after her media citizen, Mufreh Al-Sharaa. Al-Shammari talked about the treatment she received in an American hospital. Who entered there with the intention of receiving treatment, refused her treatment without knowing the reasons, and this was confirmed by Al-Shammari through his own account on Instagram, indicating that the American Mayo Clinic refused her treatment without giving reasons, and in the same context, Kuwaiti journalist Mai Al-Aidan viewed a copy of a document A hospital refuses to provide treatment, and turned to Intisar, and in turn demanded the Kuwaiti government to intervene directly to solve the problem, especially since her health condition had led to her injury. She had reached a very dangerous stage, and the sores on her body had not yet reached the back area, adding that this situation would further deteriorate her health, calling on Kuwaiti officials to intervene immediately. We go to the American Hospital and save the life of an artist who has put a smile on the faces of all Kuwaitis for many years.

Twitter account Intisar al-Sharaa

When searching the social media accounts of the able artist Intisar Al-Sharra, it became clear to us that her presence on social media is minimal and that she has an old account on Twitter that she created since 2013 and has a small number of followers. Because of her lack of interaction with this site, and those who love her can view this account to access it “”.

In conclusion, and thus we completed the topic of our article, which was titled “Who is Mazen Salem, the husband of Intisar Al-Sharaa, whom we met, and his able wife, Intisar Al-Sharaa, and we learned about her deteriorating health. In an American hospital, where she was denied treatment for unknown reasons, and we hope you liked it.



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