Smartphone battery explosion.. Simple tips to avoid a potential disaster

Smartphone battery explosion.. Simple tips to avoid a potential disaster
Smartphone battery explosion.. Simple tips to avoid a potential disaster

An iPhone 4 exploded while it was being charged, a few days ago in the US state of Ohio, causing a fire while a married couple and their five children were asleep.

This incident, which passed without casualties, highlights the potential dangers of the explosion of smartphones, which have become widespread in recent times, while manufacturers are racing to provide phones with new ideas and advanced capabilities.

But this progress may come at the expense of batteries, which may explode from extreme heat.

Reasons why phones explode

Perhaps the most prominent reasons that lead to the explosion of phone batteries, especially the “iPhone”, is the user placing the device in his back pocket and sitting on it in the same position.

In addition to placing the phone on the charger for a long time, even after charging is complete, or making phone calls while charging the device.

Precautionary measures

To prevent your smartphone battery from exploding, technical experts advise disconnecting the charger after charging, and not leaving it connected to the electric plug.

Specialists also recommend using original chargers produced by phone manufacturers, such as the original “Apple” charger for “iPhone” phones, and staying away from counterfeit chargers.


In addition, the user should make sure to keep his phone away from direct sunlight, especially during the summer and high temperatures.


The possibility of the phone battery exploding

In follow-up to this topic, Muhammad al-Miqdad, an engineer specializing in electrical technologies, reassures that cases of phone battery explosions are rare, compared to the number of phones used.

Despite this, Al-Miqdad warns that the explosion of the phone battery may lead to catastrophic accidents, especially since at the moment of the phone’s explosion its temperature reaches about 800 degrees Celsius, and if the size of the battery is large, the temperatures may touch the limits of 1200 degrees Celsius, which is a degree considered “ fatal.”

The engineer specializing in electrical technologies adds that the causes of these explosions may include misuse, excessive charging of the mobile phone, old battery, and lack of interest in maintaining the device.

Hardware protection system

Al-Miqdad explains to Al-Arabi that “the battery consists of electronic plates that have positive and negative movement and the entry and exit of the electron quickly, and it also has a certain capacity in charging and working, and when we use, for example, more than one application at a time on the phone, that requires full energy.”

Accordingly, rapid charging or rapid discharging leads to an increase in the temperature of the battery, which in turn raises the temperature of the phone in general, and this is one of the most important factors in the explosion of smart phones, according to Al-Miqdad.

It is also noted that most of the new phones released after 2010 contain a “protection circuit”, which is responsible for stopping the overcharging of the battery. If the battery charge percentage reaches the required percentage, this circuit will separate the electric current directly from the battery.



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