A Chinese man fights to keep Islam alive in Taiwan

A Chinese man fights to keep Islam alive in Taiwan
A Chinese man fights to keep Islam alive in Taiwan
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“Muhammad Ma”, a Chinese Muslim, takes on the difficult task of keeping Islam alive in Taiwan, where Chinese Muslim communities are small and scattered. their grandparents.

The American Axios website said, on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, that Muhammad is the grandson of Bai Chongxi, one of the most famous “Hui Muslims” in the twentieth century, and he served as Minister of Defense in China from 1946 to 1948, before he fled with Chiang Kai-shek to Taiwan. In 1949, Bey is respected among the “Hui Muslims” for founding many “Hui” associations.

The American site indicates that the recent wave of immigrants from Southeast Asia has breathed new life into Islamic life in Taiwan.

The resemblance between Muhammed and his grandfather Pai is striking, and Axios says that Muhammed “appears to take his grandfather’s legacy seriously, as he heads a Hui association in Taiwan and also works as a supervisor for the Muslim Life Support Association in Taipei.”

Muhammed is a “His Muslim” in Taiwan, working as a halal butcher, providing fresh halal meat and halal certificates to a limited number of halal butcher shops in Taipei.

The man says that when the Hui Muslims came from China, they “dispersed in Taiwan instead of forming a concentrated society,” and pointed out that many of them married the “Han” ethnicity to which most of the population belonged, adding that after three or four generations, many of the descendants became They don’t know anything about Islam.

Therefore, Mohammed is keen to provide lessons to Muslims about the “halal” and “haram” in Islam, and he also acts as an informal social counselor for Muslims here, who include many immigrants, when they face problems at home or with the authorities.


Muhammad points out, “Most of the teachings of the Qur’an are about relationships between people… When Muslims here have problems, they come to me to help them, and people call me their Muslim father.”

Muhammad What seeks to spread the teachings of Islam – Axios

Who are the Muslim Hui?

The Hui are an ethnic group unique to China, and their origins go back to the Persian and Arab merchants and fighters who arrived in northwest China about a thousand years ago, and married Han Chinese women.

About 40,000 Hui Muslims fled China to Taiwan in 1949. Most of them were soldiers and generals from the central and northwest regions of China, where the Hui Muslims are concentrated.

Many Hui Muslims figure prominently in Chinese history, including Zheng He, the 15th-century admiral who commanded vast fleets on expeditions in Southeast Asia and India, sailing as far as the Horn of Africa and perhaps even, according to some historians, to the coast of California.

But Muhammad Ma says there are now only 20,000 people who identify as Hui in Taiwan.

“The Hui population in Taiwan is too small to constitute a cultural group,” Ma Haiyun, a professor at Frostburg State University in Maryland whose research focuses on Chinese Muslims, told Axios.

The American website indicates that there are currently 11 mosques in Taiwan, many of which were built to support new immigrants.



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