3 dead in a shooting inside a store in Washington


At least 3 people were killed in Washington state in a gun attack, which comes after two similar mass shootings that took place less than a week ago and left 18 dead.

Accident details

Police Chief Matt Murray of Yakima, a city of about 100,000 people near Seattle, said the tragedy occurred inside a grocery store.

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He added: The shooter, whose name is Jared Haddock, is 21 years old, who fled armed, and poses a danger to residents.

Three dead

The police chief confirmed that the investigators do not yet know the motives of the attacker, noting that the shooting left three dead.

According to Murray, the shooting happened suddenly and without warning, as there was no apparent conflict between the people who were in the place.


The gunman fled

According to CCTV footage at the grocery store, the man walked in and just started shooting, according to the police chief.


Murray added: The gunman then exited the store, shot one of the victims, then crossed the street and shot another person. Then, the attacker stole a car and fled in it.

Yakima Police, through its Twitter account, issued appeals to the residents, appealing to them to be careful, and stressed that the suspect was armed and dangerous, do not approach him.

Offensive weapons ban

The attack comes after US President Joe Biden called on Congress to move swiftly to approve an assault weapons ban.

Biden said, in a statement about the shooting in Half Moon Bay: The scourge of gun violence across America requires stronger action.



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