Urgent Saudi Arabia announces a new vacation that will last for several days for the first time and start on this date and for this reason

Urgent Saudi Arabia announces a new vacation that will last for several days for the first time and start on this date and for this reason
Urgent Saudi Arabia announces a new vacation that will last for several days for the first time and start on this date and for this reason

With the resumption of students in the Kingdom for the second term, which began on the fourth day of December of the year 2022, when the first term holiday ended on the 30th of Rabi` al-Thani, multiple searches began by both parents and students to find out the extended vacation schedule for schools in Saudi Arabia and the date of the next extended vacation. This is what we show you in a number of detailed lines, so follow us.

Extended leave schedule

Urgent, a new two-day vacation in Saudi Arabia that will start soon on this important occasion

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Through what was launched by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom about the date of the extended vacation in Saudi Arabia 2022-2023, the academic calendar was legalized after taking a number of amending steps for the various semesters of study. It is mentioned that the study calendar includes the school leave, including three of the most prominent holidays:

  • Foundation day holiday for the Hijri year 1444.
  • First extended leave.
  • Second extended vacation.

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How many days is the extended leave?

Extended leave schedule

According to the various questions that swept the communication sites about the date of the upcoming extended vacation, the extended vacation schedule that was launched by the educational body included several holidays, where the vacation is one or two days in addition to that Friday and Saturday as a regular vacation. We explain to you in bullet points the details:

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  • The first extended vacation for the weekend will be on the eighteenth of December 2022, according to the twenty-fourth Hijri calendar of Jumada al-Awwal, corresponding to Sunday, so that the next vacation that students are waiting for will be.
  • The second extended weekend for the weekend in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries of January 2023 corresponding to the twenty-second Hijri and the twenty-third of Jumada al-Akhir 1444 corresponding to Sunday.
  • The “Foundation Day” holiday is on the twenty-second and twenty-third of February of the year 2023 corresponding to the second Hijri and the third of Sha’ban for the year 1444.

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When is the first extended holiday?

First extended weekend of December 18th, 2022.

When is the second extended holiday?

The second extended weekend of January 16th, 2023.

What is the founding day holiday?

Foundation Day holiday on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2023.


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