Who is the wife of Fahad Al-Bannai?


Who is the wife of Fahd Al-Bannai? There are many artistic personalities who were able to write history on letters of gold, and of which the Kuwaiti artist Fahd Al-Bannai is one of the famous personalities in Kuwait and the Arab world. He presented many different works of art in his artistic career, the beloved Kuwaiti actor and a large number of His followers and fans are looking for details about her and his marriage to her, and as usual, any artist in the artistic community is equal to entering the marital nest, and there are many searches related to his marriage, especially the dates of his life partner, and followers are interested in the marriage of the star Fahd Al-Bannai in particular, who got married at an unusually young age. in the artistic community; Most artists get married at a late age because of their keenness on their artistic life, and since Al-Bannai’s marriage, the artist’s audience has tried to access information related to his wife, and we will discuss this topic through this, an article presented by the Kuwaiti artist Fahd Al-Bannai and his wife.

Who is Fahad Al-Bannai on Wikipedia?

He is Fahd Muhammad Al-Bannai, a Kuwaiti actor, born in Kuwait on February 25, 1988 AD to Kuwaiti parents, and he is the son of the well-known Kuwaiti singer Muhammad Al-Banai. He received his education and spent all his educational stages in the State of Kuwait, an operetta with the artist Hayat Al-Fahd and the artist Ahmed Al-Saleh, and after that he participated in artistic roles Very small before the actual release that took place in 2007 AD, when he participated in the play (Hama Haramiha) with Kabir, the Kuwaiti artist Tariq Al-Ali, and in 2011 Al-Bannai joined the sessions group under the supervision of the artist Muhammad Al-Hamli and continued for three years before he joined the band of the artist Hassan Al-Balam for the Al-Balam troupe, so the young artist participated in many roles, whether in plays or in Kuwaiti and Gulf series.

Who is the wife of Fahad Al-Bannai?

The wife of Fahd Al-Bannai, who did not disclose any details about her to the media, from outside the artistic community and the daughter of one of the great Kuwaiti families whom he married in January 2012 AD, and the artist Fahd Al-Bannai, was keen to marry his wife quickly; And this is despite his being very preoccupied with his theatrical performances in his youth, whose activities are constantly held in Kuwait, because Al-Bannai was busy moving from filming locations for his series and plays, and therefore he hurried to that was in the month of January in particular, and Al-Bannai invited his friends and fans from the artistic and media community, because Fahd Al-Bannai stated that he got married at an early age and was happy with this step in his life, and his entry into the golden cage, because of his need for emotional and family stability. He also expressed his happiness for his wife’s understanding of his work conditions and his artistic life as an actor.

The sons of Fahad Al-Bannai

The artist Fahd Al-Bannai gave birth to his wife after his marriage, which took place in early 2012, especially last January, and was attended by a large number of artists and members of the Kuwaiti artistic community, who has not yet received any personal information about her from newspapers or social networking sites, except that she is the daughter of a family, Kuwait, where They had two sons

  • Saqr Fahad Al-Bannai.
  • Talia Fahad Al-Bannai.

That is why Fahd Al-Bannai is called Abu Saqr, and he is very happy with this title that is dear to his heart. There is no clear and specific information about the birth dates of his children.

Fahad Al-Bannai, my wife got involved with me

Fahd Al-Bannai said during his meeting with the Kuwaiti journalist Mai Al-Aidan in the episodes of the program “We regret not disturbing”, when he was asked: Is your wife jealous?


“My wife got involved with me, and of course she is jealous of me, and every married artist, may God help his wife, my problem is that I am too active, I do not sit still, I am annoying and annoying.”


He also mentioned that he moves between filming locations all the time and does not stay at home a lot because it is unfair to him, but he appreciates her understanding of the nature of his work and that she does not exert any pressure on him and this helps him choose the roles and works that he presents, and he listens with interest to any constructive criticism presented by his wife.

Fahad Al-Bannai’s artwork

Fahd Al-Bannai, the son of the great Kuwaiti singer Muhammad Al-Bannai, since joining the artistic community in 2001, has presented a large number of series and plays in which his participation was prominent, and his roles and the characters he presented were immortalized in the minds of Kuwaiti and Gulf viewers and followers.

Series Fahd al-Bannai

Al-Bannai presented a large number of Kuwaiti and Gulf drama series from its inception until now, as a large number of artists participated in the performance of these series, the most prominent of which are the following

  • 2004 AD, the series Al-Shaqdi, starring with K. Ahmed Al-Saleh, Jamal Al-Radwan, Hoda Hussein.
  • 2005 AD, the series Zinat al-Hayat, starring Jassim Al-Nabhan, Jamal Al-Radhan, Muhammad Al-Ajmi, Jassim Al-Saleh, Hind Al-Balooshi, Hamad Al-Omani, King of the Teller.
  • 2007 AD The only series and detectives.
  • 2008 AD in the series My Family.
  • 2008, the series Umm Saf, Part One.
  • 2009 AD or pure part two.
  • 2009 The confusion of hearts.
  • 2010 AD, Umm Saf, the third part, featuring Tariq Al-Ali, Haya Al-Shuaibi, and Samah.
  • 2010 AD Awatif series.
  • 2011 Vines.
  • 2012 AD I swore my life, starring the artists Hoda Hussein, Abeer Al-Jundi, Mona Shaddad, Maryam Al-Saleh, Hussein Al-Mansour, Amal Abbas, Ghor.
  • 2013 AD, The Farewell Series, and Ghazi Hussein, Ibrahim Al-Hassawi, Hind Al-Balushi, Muhammad Jaber, Mahmoud Bu Shahri, Amal Abbas, Haya Abdel Salam, Abdullah Bahman, Guru participated in the work.
  • 2013 In the early morning, Basma Hamada, Latifa Al-Buraiki, Suleiman Al-Yassin, Osama Al-Mazayel, Abdul-Imam Abdullah, Lamia Tariq, Shahd Al-Yassin, Shahd, Khaled Al-Buraiki, Maryam Hussein, Fatima Al-Tabakh and Nour Al-Ghandour participated in the casting.
  • 2014 Your residency was held with the participation of Ilham Al-Fadala, Basem Abdel-Amir, Hamad Al-Omani, Haya Abdel-Salam, Fouad Ali, Fatima Al-Safi, Haya Abdel-Salam, Fouad Ali, Reem Arhama.
  • 2014 AD Profiles
  • 2015 AD, Bou Raad’s Diary Series, Part Two, starring Mubarak Al-Manea, Nora Al-Amiri, Sultan Al-Faraj, Youssef Al-Balushi.
  • 2015 Harish Warsh.
  • 2016 AD Patriarchal harem.
  • 2016 AD Unrepentant Hearts.
  • 2017 AD Seal & Hill.
  • 2017 AD, the end of a dream.
  • 2022 AD was taken from my life and presented with the participation of Muhammad Jaber, Intisar Al-Sharah, Lamia Tariq, Mahmoud Bu Shahri, Hamad Al-Omani and Samoud.
  • 2022 AD, the series “Kabroha”.
  • 2022 AD crazy.
  • 2022 AD Backbreaker.
  • 2022 AD, the series “Al Rouh Waliya”.

The plays of Fahad Al-Bannai

The star of Fahad Al-Bannai shone in the world of theatrical acting, where he performed despite his young age and participated in a large number of plays, most notably

  • 2007 AD Her protector is her thief.
  • 2008 AD Khirbet Khirbet.
  • 2009 AD Abu Sarah in architecture.
  • 2010 AD Al-Bakhit and Al-Bakhitah.
  • 2011 AD The return of Shizubona.
  • 2011 AD Apple City.
  • 2012 If I Were Not, Part III.
  • 2012 AD sweet dreams.
  • 2013 AD Girls and Pants.
  • 2013 ad lovers.
  • 2014 AD The World of Oz.
  • 2015 AD Sweet Bitter Hassan Al-Balam.
  • 2015 AD The Smurfs Story.
  • 2016, Fahud and the Lost Swimming Pool.
  • 2016 AD Home Alone.
  • 2017 AD, Wadrin University.
  • 2017 AD Congratulations, Yakum.
  • 2022 AD The Magnificent Seven.

Fahad Al-Bannai’s official Instagram

The young artist Fahd Al-Bannai has a documented personal account on the Instagram platform, and this account is followed by nearly 800 thousand followers from the public in Kuwait and the Gulf in general, they follow Al-Bannai’s various works, many Arab causes and all of them provide support for Palestine and you can follow this account, or by searching for the account Next (fhad_albannai).



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