United States: Representatives of former presidents confirm handing over their confidential documents


After the Trump and Biden documents, representatives of former presidents of the United States of America announce that these presidents handed over all their confidential documents to the National Archives after leaving office.

  • The US Capitol Building in Washington (archives).
    The US Capitol Building in Washington (archives).

Representatives of US Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George Bush announced that these presidents had handed over all their confidential documents to the National Archives after leaving office.

And the American “CNN” channel quoted representatives of the three presidents, that no additional inspections were conducted in homes or offices where the documents were likely to be stored.

“All classified Clinton materials have been transferred, as approved, to the National Archives,” Clinton’s office said, while representatives for George W. Bush and Obama said the two former presidents followed the same path.


Yesterday, it was reported that secret government documents were found in the private home of former US Vice President Mike Pence, who served as the second official in the US government hierarchy during Donald Trump’s presidency in 2017-2021.


The scandal is gaining momentum in the United States after reports that the country’s top officials are not complying with the rules for handling classified documents.

It is noteworthy that the US Department of Justice reviewed potentially secret documents found at the center of current President Joe Biden, dating back to his tenure as former Vice President Barack Obama.

Biden preceded Trump, who was found in his home on a range of documents and other materials, some of which have been designated “top secret,” according to the search warrant receipt that was disclosed.

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