Zamalek dismisses its coach, and Al-Ahly continues its victories

Zamalek dismisses its coach, and Al-Ahly continues its victories
Zamalek dismisses its coach, and Al-Ahly continues its victories

Club President Mortada Mansour announced the dismissal of the coaching staff of the first team, led by Ferreira.

Mortada published a statement on his official page on “Facebook”, in which it said, “The Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, headed by Counselor Mortada Mansour, announces its decision, which was postponed two days ago regarding the technical staff, which it took the day before yesterday in its last meeting.”

Mortada thanked Ferreira and his foreign auxiliary staff, including the fitness coach, referring to the appointment of Osama Nabih as technical director of the first team, with Amir Mortada continuing to supervise the football team, in addition to his previous responsibility for the football sector in the club, with Ismail Youssef as director. For the ball, Hussein Yasser and Mohamed Sabry as assistant coaches, Mahmoud Fayez as a performance analyst, and Ayman Taher as a goalkeeper coach, provided that this device continues until the end of the season.

Al-Mahalla advanced with the goals of Nigerian Gabriel Orek (4) and Ahmed Al-Nadri (19), and Zamalek narrowed the difference through Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” (62 from a penalty kick).

It is the second loss in a row for Zamalek after falling to its arch-rivals Al-Ahly, the leaders, 0-3 in the last stage, as it has become 11 points behind it, and the third this season, to freeze its balance at 26 points in fifth place.

El-Mahalla raised its tally to 25 points in seventh place.

No sooner had the referee blew the starting whistle than Al-Mahalla opened the scoring after 4 minutes, with Al-Nadri’s pass behind the Zamalek defense, and it reached Orik, who fired it over Mohamed Awad the moment he left his goal.

The Zamalek players rushed towards the attack in an effort to adjust the result, so their individual games, keeping the ball and wrong passes left behind spaces in the defense that Ahmed Al-Sheikh succeeded in exploiting by dribbling Mohamed Ashraf “Rouqa”, so he passed a through in the depth of the defense for Al-Nadari alone to shoot from inside the penalty area to the right of Awad, scoring the goal. II (19).

The guest team tried to score the goal of reducing, and Imam Ashour hit from outside the penalty area, goalkeeper Ahmed Mihoub pushed it with difficulty into a corner (31), and Karim Mustafa responded with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, which passed next to the left post (45).

Zamalek’s performance improved with the start of the second half, and there were many offensive attempts at its host’s goal, and the referee awarded a penalty kick after Mohamed Bazooka of Tunisia blocked Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri. “Zizou” rushed to it and hit it to the left of Mihoub (62).

Al-Jaziri, free from oversight, passed to Mustafa Shalaby, who shot it directly from inside the penalty area, which Mihoub pushed away with difficulty (73).


For his part, Al-Ahly continued its series of victories with a difficult victory at the expense of Al-Ahly Bank with a clean goal at Cairo International Stadium.


Al-Ahly dominated the first half, and Marawan Attia shot from the edge of the penalty area, which was controlled by Mahmoud Abu Jabal (16). Al-Ahly Bank responded a minute later with a counter-attack, so Nasser Mansi penetrated and passed to the one coming from behind, Mahmoud Qaoud, who hit it next to the right post of Muhammad Al-Shennawi.

Al-Ahly waited until the 32nd minute to translate his control into the goal of progress, after Ahmed Abdel Qader passed a perfect cross to the one coming from behind, Marawan Attia, who hit it, and it rebounded from the hand of Abu Jabal, and found the follower, Mohamed Sharif, who fired it into the goal.

The balance of the bank, which received its seventh loss this season and the second in a row, was frozen at 12 points in the sixteenth place.

Al-Masry imposed a positive tie on its host, Future, 1-1, at the new Suez Stadium.

Future was presented by Mohamed Reda “Bobo” (49), and Adel was given to the Egyptian Marwan Hamdy (61).

Future raised its score to 31 points in second place, while Al-Masry ranks eighth with 20 points.

Pyramids returned from Alexandria Stadium with three valuable points, defeating its host Smouha 2-1.

The goals of Pyramids were scored by Ramadan Sobhi (16) and Mustafa Fathi (56), and Smouha Hussein Faisal scored (30).

Pyramids, who expelled its defender Osama Jalal with a red card in the 84th minute, raised its score to 30 points in third place, and Smouha’s balance froze at 16 points in eleventh place.



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