Urgent Royal order in Saudi Arabia to pay double the salary for a period of three months for these groups only

Urgent Royal order in Saudi Arabia to pay double the salary for a period of three months for these groups only
Urgent Royal order in Saudi Arabia to pay double the salary for a period of three months for these groups only

The Ministry of Human Resources stated that additional salaries will be granted to some social security beneficiaries and additional salaries will be paid to them. Additional salaries will be paid starting from February and the last three months dues will be taken retroactively. Salaries that are late in payment due to an error in the bank account or due to ineligibility will be disbursed.

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Categories benefiting from the disbursement of double the social security salary

  • A salary of 500 riyals is paid to all social security beneficiaries for each of the family and dependents, according to the old insurance.
  • The guarantee amount is increased by 100 riyals for each independent individual.
  • The additional amount continues to be disbursed at a rate of 96% and 20% for dependents.

How to file a Social Security financial objection

The Ministry revealed the dates for social security disbursement on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, and in order to obtain the financial increase, the following must be followed:

  • In the beginning, you should enter the link for the social security developed from here
  • After that, you will be logged in and you will write all the required data correctly.
  • All required documents and papers shall be attached in the designated places.
  • Then write the e-mail and phone number in the designated places.
  • The Apply button is pressed.
  • All applications are sent to the Ministry in order to respond to the submitted objection.
  • This guarantee is paid to Saudis, divorced women, widows, children, people with disabilities and orphans.

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Eligibility conditions in the developed social security system

Anyone wishing to obtain a social security amount must meet the following conditions:

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Paying double the salary to the beneficiaries of the guarantee

  • The person must be of Saudi nationality.
  • To be a resident in the Kingdom.
  • Not to be residing in any shelter centers or any home at the expense of the state.
  • He should not have assets of high value.
  • The income per person in the family must be less than 1100 riyals for the family and 550 riyals for each member of the family.

Common questions about paying double the salary to the beneficiaries of the guarantee for a period of three months, by royal order

What are the eligibility conditions in the social security system?

The person must be from within the Kingdom and a Saudi national, and not have assets of high value.

How is a Social Security financial objection filed?

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Go to the link for the developed warranty, then log in, write the required data, and attach all the documents.


Who are the beneficiaries of the social security salary?

Family and dependents according to the old system.

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