800 major projects for industries of the future – Al-Bilad newspaper


Country – Riyadh

Bandar Al-Khorayef, Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, said that the industrial strategy is a mixture of large goals for the industrial sector to achieve gross domestic product, indicating that the number of targeted investments through it is more than 800 major projects with investments of one trillion riyals. Al-Khorayef added, during the Municipal Investment Forum “Foras”, that the most important thing in the strategy is the quality of how the Kingdom becomes a country that embraces advanced industries with high economic value, and industries that have the character of future industries, explaining that the ministry looks at the integration between the industrial sector and the municipal sector, and is working on Creating qualitative models to create job opportunities for the countrymen.
He pointed out that the cities will incubate many industries, to provide job opportunities, in addition to the fact that the industries have become clean and there are many investment opportunities in the sector, including industries interested in developing special products.

It is noteworthy that the total value of current investments in the industrial sector exceeded 1.3 trillion riyals, and the new strategy identified huge investment opportunities of about one trillion riyals, to form a new chapter of sustainable growth for the sector, by doubling the industrial domestic product by about 3 times, and industrial exports to reach 557 billion riyals, and increasing product exports. Six times the advanced technology, in addition to the creation of tens of thousands of high-value quality jobs.



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