The Fire Protection Committee looks at the work of the Emirates Safety Laboratory

The Fire Protection Committee looks at the work of the Emirates Safety Laboratory
The Fire Protection Committee looks at the work of the Emirates Safety Laboratory

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The Advisory Committee of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for the Middle East and North Africa held its first meeting for the year 2023 AD, headed by Brigadier General Muhammad Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Director General of Fire, Protection and Safety Affairs at the General Command of Civil Defense, and in the presence of all members of the committee.

The meeting comes as part of a series of meetings held in various countries to exchange experiences and knowledge, and to present the latest effective global methods in the field of firefighting and reducing the proportion of risks resulting from them, while it was chosen to hold the first meeting of the committee for the year 2023 AD in the Emirates ESL Safety Laboratory, which is the first of its kind. At the level of the Middle East for obtaining many international accreditations for conformity certificates and conducting examinations for all manufactured and imported materials in the field of firefighting.

The members of the committee were briefed on the workflow mechanism in the laboratory, which was launched to support the building and construction sector by facilitating the passage of all import and manufacturing materials, ensuring their compliance with security and safety requirements, and the extent of their readiness, security and effectiveness through a special code to ensure an increase in the efficiency of firefighting systems in buildings.

And that is under the supervision of a number of experts to ensure the examinations and the quality of the materials and devices used in the construction operations and their conformity with the requirements, and thus the international approved certificate for safety products is issued.

The members of the committee pointed to the importance of the Emirates Safety Laboratory, as a specialized regional and global center, in conducting fire safety tests, evaluating and approving safety devices for products and building systems, and helping local and international companies, consultants and contractors to face the challenges and negatives in the aspect of safety and the need to adhere to international safety standards.

They affirmed that the laboratory enhances the institutional role of Dubai Civil Defense, in consolidating and applying the best standards of fire safety, to sustain the protection of lives and property, enhance our directions in preserving the environment, and create new ideas and initiatives in line with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to transform the emirate into a global center for clean energy and economy. the green.

Stressing that the laboratory supports these trends through its technical operations, and also enhances the developmental role of civil defense and the sustainability of development by contributing to the creation of a safe and environmentally friendly environment by examining all materials related to buildings and facilities.




The “Emirates Safety” laboratory is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East as a government laboratory, representing a practical tributary for civil defense in the field of prevention and safety, and a proactive step to support the building and construction sector to work within requirements and standards that guarantee safety and high quality in this vital sector in the country, where it uses the best technology in this field.

It is also designed according to the best international specifications and standards, and provides its services in the areas of safety and protection, and includes a group of the best competencies and experts who supervise all examinations and ensure the quality of materials and devices used in construction operations and their conformity with the established requirements.

The “Emirates Safety” laboratory represents a qualitative addition to the steps and procedures used to protect lives and property, and contributes to providing smart solutions that take into account access to the highest indicators of protection and prevention of risks. The laboratory also holds the international accreditation certificate for safety laboratories and will be the official body in the emirate To obtain a certificate of fulfillment and everything related to the issuance of certificates of approval of safety products.

And ensure that they comply with the specifications and requirements required for safety and prevention according to the highest quality standards for safety and fire prevention means, indicating that agents, suppliers, contractors and all those concerned will be directed to obtain a certificate of accreditation from the laboratory regarding the materials used in construction and the method of their installation, especially the panels covering the external facades of buildings. Electrical wires, wooden doors, ensuring the efficiency and quality of equipment and devices, and the extent to which they are used to fight fires.

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