Who is Rima Al-Enezi, similar to Georgina Rodriguez..and did she perform plastic surgery?


The Saudi actress and model, Rima Al-Enezi, topped the search indicators on Google Trend and social media platforms, after she caught the attention of social media users, due to the great similarity between her and the model and girlfriend of Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo Georgina Rodriguez.

Rima Al-Anzi is similar to Georgina Rodriguez

Rima Al-Enezi plastic surgery

And Rima Al-Enezi appeared in many videos, through her various accounts on social media, with Georgina Rodriguez’s recent looks, which prompted her followers to call her a Georgina-like title, and some asked whether she underwent plastic surgery specifically to get this similarity.

In this report, Al-Intelagah News provides you with everything you need to know about Rima Al-Anzi, similar to Georgina Rodriguez, and whether she underwent plastic surgery to obtain this resemblance.

For her part, Rima Al-Enezi confirmed, during her interview with the ET Arabic program, that some people said that she was Georgina’s twin, and that they could not notice the differences between us.

She revealed that she had previously undergone plastic surgery, as she had only two operations, one to remove facial fat, and the other a double chin operation, pointing out that she believed that her features had not changed much.

She pointed out that some accuse her of impersonating the model and girlfriend of Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo Georgina Rodriguez, stressing that she only imitates her style, but her personality is known to no one but Ronaldo.

Who is Rima Al-Enezi?

Who is Rima Al-Anzi?

Rima Al-Anzi is similar to Georgina Rodriguez

And she continued that she does not imitate her, but we have the same style of clothing, pointing out that the audience and followers ask her to look similar to her when new pictures appear to her, and I do not like to reject their requests.

Regarding Reem Al-Enezi’s attempt to communicate with Georgina Rodriguez, she said: “I did not try to communicate with her, but I added her and Ronaldo to my account on Instagram.”

And Reem Al-Enezi sent a message to the producers and directors, in which she said: “I hope that this similarity between us will be an addition to me, and that the directors and producers will give me an opportunity as a Saudi actress.”

Rima Al-Enezi said, during an intervention with media professionals, Sobhi Otri and Basant Shams, on the MBCTrending program: “When I appear in a live video on Tik Tok, I do not use a filter, and on the contrary, people liken me to Georgina more without filters, and even in reality I am exposed to this situation, and the last time was yesterday when some asked me About Ronaldo as a joke.

Who is Rima Al-Enezi?

  • Saudi actress and model.
  • Like Georgina Rodriguez.
  • She participated in the Saudi movie, Lightning.
  • She is followed by more than 4,000 followers on the photo and video sharing site “Instagram”.
  • She is followed by more than 100,000 followers on the short video exchange site “Tik Tok”.
  • She had two plastic surgeries.

The most prominent video was the appearance of Rima Al-Enezi, similar to Georgina, with Dr. Kholoud, where they had dinner together, and she said about her, “Like Georgina, look at the same blusher he followed, to which Rima replied, “My life is God.”


While the Saudi actress, Rima Al-Anzi, confirmed that she does not use “filters” in her videos on the Tik Tok application, to obtain similarities between her and model Georgina Rodriguez.


The story began after Georgina’s clip was published after Cristiano’s joining Al-Nasr Club, and she wore a look similar to that of Georgina.

Rima recently indicated in a video circulating on her “Tik Tok” that they will come to film a meeting with her, as she looks like Georgina, and in the Marsoul Park stadium, due to the similarity between her and Georgina.

Recently, Rima Al-Enezi revealed, during an interview with the “Tariq Show” program, the reason for her conversion from a fan of the Al-Ittihad team, to a fan of the Al-Nasr team, indicating that she loves watching series and football globally and in the Arab world, and she used to encourage the Al-Ittihad team, but she turned and became a fan of Al-Nasr.

In her response to the program presenter’s question, “Why did you change?” She said: “I encourage the team that has sweet people with it, confirming that at this time it is a victory because of Ronaldo, and the rest I buy a victory T-shirt.

Rima Al-Anazi Tik Tok

Rima Al-Enezi identifies herself on the photo and short video sharing site “Tik Tok”, which has more than 100,000 followers, as a Saudi actress and model, as well as via Snapchat and Instagram.

Rima Al-Enezi shared a video on TikTok, imitating Georgina while speaking in Arabic at the Al-Nasr Club celebration, welcoming Cristiano Ronaldo, and won the admiration of a large number of followers, which met with wide interaction among the pioneers of social networking sites and comments poured in.

Reema Al-Anazi Instagram

Saudi actress Rima Al-Enezi, similar to Georgina Rodriguez, owns an account on the Instagram photo and video-sharing site. She shares with her followers pictures, activities, and video clips of her artwork, and she presents the most active and enthusiastic interactions with her fans. Thus, she has a large fan base, and is followed by more than 4 thousand followers. .

Rima Al-Enezi is waiting for the Saudi movie “Lightning”, where director Haider Samir announced the end of filming the work, which is scheduled to be shown soon in Saudi cinemas. Working in the Eastern region, and it took more than two and a half months to prepare for filming.

A number of the brightest stars are participating in the movie Barq, most notably:

  • Reem Al-Ali.
  • in the heart.
  • Sanaa Youssef.
  • Fatima Sharif.
  • Rima Al-Anzi.
  • And directed by Haider Samir.

It is noteworthy that Georgina Rodriguez has attracted attention since her arrival in Saudi Arabia, coinciding with Cristiano Ronaldo joining the Saudi club Al-Nasr.

Information about Rima Al-Enezi

Information about Rima Al-Enezi

The model and wife of the Portuguese player, Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, showed unparalleled elegance, as she wore a modest gown, when she attended her husband’s reception and presented him to the Saudi victory audience.



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