Gold prices in Palestine today.. Wednesday 1-25-2023


Gold price in Egypt

gold.. Gold prices in Palestine witnessed the beginning of trading today, Wednesday, January 25, 2023, new changes in the price of a gram of gold in the Palestinian markets, and gold is considered one of the precious metals of high value, and gold has always been the focus of attention for investors in forex trading or in the gold exchange and people who are about to get married, whether in its raw form Or manufactured in the form of jewelry and jewelry, and gold metal is considered one of the most important adornments for women throughout the ages.

This made many people wonder about the gold price today in Palestine, Wednesday 1-25-2023, in order to buy or sell as desired. Therefore, we bring you the latest gold prices today in Palestine, “Gold prices Palestine.” Prices are updated daily in real time, according to the situation. The economic center of the State of Palestine “PS” to meet the needs of our valued visitors.

Gold prices in Palestine today, Wednesday 1-25-2023

In the previous table, we presented to you the average price of gold today in Palestine, Wednesday 1-25-2023 karat (24, 22, 21, 18, 14, 12), in addition to the price of an ounce, pound, and kilo of gold in the financial markets in Palestine in the local currency, the shekel against the US dollar.


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