Who is Ziyad Al-Misfir Wikipedia Biography


Who is Ziyad Al-Misfir Wikipedia Biography, Ziyad Al-Misfir is considered one of the best personalities that exist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, where he teaches a fashion model in Saudi Arabia, he has many pages on social networking sites and he has a wide fan base, which many people search for in The Arab Gulf region, about which many conversations have spread recently, especially after the spread of many controversial videos of him dancing or wearing a women’s abaya and so on, and in this article we will provide all the information related to the personality of Ziyad Al-Misfer, his life and his biography.

Who is Ziyad Al-Misfir Wikipedia Biography

Ziyad Al-Misfir is a Saudi model, or “model” in English, born in 1999 AD, as it is likely that he was born in the Kingdom, his tenderness and therefore many follow him on his official pages on various social networking sites.

Ziyad Al-Misfir and his fiancée

Many rumors circulated about Ziyad Al-Misfir about his sexual orientation even after announcing his engagement, due to his tenderness and tendency to imitate girls’ voices and wear women’s clothes. His fiancée is officially engaged and his fiancée is a social media star, the star known as Ramisa. Ziyad published a picture of himself and his fiancée on Snapchat and a picture of a piece of red paper written On it, “We can say that love won.” This news received a huge reaction from his fans, and at the same time he was criticized and ridiculed for suspected homosexuality.

Ziad Al-Misfir’s thoughts

Many followers, especially the pioneers of social networking sites, see that Ziyad Al-Saffar publishes ideas that do not fit the ideas of the conservative Saudi Islamic society, because he describes the ideas and traditions in Saudi society as reactionary and must be so. He rebelled against them, and called on their followers to rebel against them. The pioneers of social networking sites have the hashtag in it, and they demanded the authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to arrest Ziyad Al-Misfir, accusing them of spreading deviant ideas, corrupting the minds of young people and calling them to rebellion and deviation through the content they publish on their accounts on various social networking sites.

Ziyad Al-Misfir and controversial video clips

The videos and photos published by the model, Ziyad Al-Misfir, sparked a lot of controversy among social media, and he received a lot of criticism because of them. Especially because of the aspect in which the traveler appears, which arouses the discontent of many, and among the controversial videos is his appearance as well, dancing in a strange and suspicious way, holding an incense machine in his hand and wearing bright pink clothes.

Ziyad Al-Misfir wears a women’s abaya

The video clips that Ziyad Al-Misfir publishes on his pages sparked a lot of controversy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the artistic community and society interested in these personalities. Recently, Al-Misfir appeared dancing, but she wore a women’s abaya. This video was one of the most controversial videos and was subjected to a lot of criticism because of it and attacked it Some followers mocked him and his clothes, others mocked his strange behavior, while others defended him and his ideas.


The truth about Ziyad Al-Misfir’s video clip

Among the videos that were circulated about Ziyad Al-Misfir, where he appeared naked and performed vulgar and inappropriate dance moves. This dance angered the followers and a large number of followers believed the video, while others did not do it and questioned its credibility, but later it became clear that this video was fake, fabricated and baseless. It is true, and one of them released it to insult Ziyad Al-Misfir and tarnish his image in front of his followers and fans. Unfortunately, the video spread widely and spread widely on websites, and among the uploaded videos appeared two young men practicing vice, and this video was attributed to Ziyad Al-Misfir and accused of being one of the two young men , but he denied it and confirmed that it was not him, and a large number of followers confirmed it and confirmed that it could not be one of the young men.


Ziyad Al-Misfir is being beaten and attacked

While he was in a public place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi model, Ziyad Al-Misfir, was beaten and attacked by a group of young Saudis because of his appearance, which resembles girls. He tried to escape from them, but one of the attackers dragged his hair and prevented him from escaping. His companion and friend tried to defend him, but he failed. He was also subjected to insults and beatings. Ziad completely ignored the video, did not comment, and began publishing his works on his pages as if nothing had happened.

The truth about the news of the arrest of Ziyad Al-Misfir

After asking who is Ziyad Al-Misfir on Wikipedia, we talk about the truth about many news stories that refer to the arrest of the fashion model Ziyad Al-Misfir and it spread widely on social media due to the large number of followers, Ziyad Al-Misfir from inside and outside the Arab world, and all of this news proved to be incorrect. After that, Ziyad Al-Misfir appeared at a party in Riyadh and denied the news of his arrest, but he is still exposed to many reports against him because of what his critics described as his actions that contradict the values, morals and public taste in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Videos about Ziyad Al Misfir

Many videos spread on the YouTube platform about Ziyad Al-Misfir, some of which are romantic with his fiancée, and some of which show the aggression he was subjected to. Among the most prominent of these videos are the following:

  • A short video showing Ziyad Al-Misfir being assaulted and beaten by a group of Saudi youths.
  • A video showing the moment Ziyad Al-Misfir was arrested with a group of social media celebrities.
  • A video showing Ziyad Al-Misfir with his fiancée and romantic pictures of them in the kitchen while they were making a “cake.”

Ziyad Al-Misfir, the official Snapchat

Pictures and videos of the Saudi model, Ziyad Al-Misfir, often raise controversy between the Shiites and their defenders.

Ziyad Al-Misfir official Twitter

Some followers prefer to see Ziyad Al-Misfir’s news, photos and videos that he publishes on his official page on Twitter, which can be accessed.

Ziyad Al Misfir official Instagram

There is no doubt that Instagram enjoys great attention among social media celebrities, and they give it top priority. Saudi model Ziyad Al-Misfir can be followed on Instagram through her accessible official page.



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