Does eating fish cause high blood pressure?

Does eating fish cause high blood pressure?
Does eating fish cause high blood pressure?

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Fish is an important source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and is good for the heart, mind and body.

It turned out recently that there is a certain variety of fish that can do more harm than good by raising blood pressure levels.

Experts say that while fatty fish such as mackerel and salmon are good for the heart, not preparing them properly can negatively affect blood pressure.

How does fish contribute to high blood pressure?
According to blood pressure doctors, according to the healthaite website, dried fish can put blood vessels at risk of damage due to high blood pressure. The drying method involves removing water from the fish to extend its shelf life. It is believed that most dried fish products are loaded with proteins and low in fat. However, fish contains Dried on the only ingredient that makes it last longer at the expense of heart is salt.

UK blood pressure doctors point out that dried fish is particularly high in salt, so it is advised to cut back on it and find a lower-salt alternative.


How does excess salt intake affect blood pressure levels?
The negative effects of salt on high blood pressure are attributed to its sodium content and the risk of water retention. The common spice causes the body to retain water, which increases the water content in the blood and puts extra pressure on the arteries by breaking down the blood against the walls at a higher rate than normal.


In addition, if your blood pressure is already high, dried fish with a high salt content can only exacerbate the problem by increasing your risk of stroke or heart attack.

Therefore, the only way to mitigate the possibility of this happening is by limiting your salt intake – to a maximum of 6 grams per day – and you may start to see results in just one week.

Is fish unhealthy?
Fish does not fall under the category of unhealthy foods, instead, fatty fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel are foods that protect the brain and heart and keep blood pressure under control and thus reduce the odds of suffering from fatal cardiovascular diseases.

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