Destruction of education in Yemen.. Houthi strategy to undermine the Yemeni identity and ignorance of the people

Destruction of education in Yemen.. Houthi strategy to undermine the Yemeni identity and ignorance of the people
Destruction of education in Yemen.. Houthi strategy to undermine the Yemeni identity and ignorance of the people

As the world celebrates the International Day of Education, Yemen is witnessing the worst process of bulldozing education by the Houthi militia, in a series of violations, most notably changing educational curricula and spreading sectarianism and hatred in targeting young people in their areas of control over the past years.

On January 24, the world celebrates the International Day of Education for the fifth time, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said, “The slogan for this year’s celebration will be: “Prioritizing education as a means of investing in people.” She added: “Priority must be given to education in order to accelerate The pace of progress towards achieving all sustainable development goals in light of the global recession.

The destruction of the educational process in Yemen is a strategy pursued by the Houthi militia since its coup against the state and its institutions eight years ago.

The terrorist Houthi militia aims, by tampering with the educational process, to undermine the bonds of the Yemeni state and Yemeni society, and the references of the state and society, leading to targeting the Yemeni identity in favor of the Iranian identity, and working to demonize the Yemeni revolution and its national symbols in favor of the Houthi sectarian figures.

Creating a sectarian generation with extremist ideas

The Houthi militia deliberately violated the sanctity of education in the areas under its control, and worked on another compulsory behavior by imposing its sectarian ideas in schools and using them for continuous activities within the framework of their wars against Yemenis, in addition to a wide process of attracting students to fight in their ranks.

Dr. Shamsan Al-Husseini, a teacher at the Community College in Sana’a, said, “The Houthi militia seeks in every way to eliminate education, ignore the Yemeni youth, strip them of the Yemeni identity, and produce a distorted generation filled with sectarian hatred, in service of its dark project that brings Yemen back to the covenants of the Imamate in fighting education, so that it can Controlling the Yemeni people through ignorance and spreading myth.

He added, in an interview with “Al-Sahwa Net”, “The Houthi militia considers education as its first enemy, because it is the impenetrable dam that stands in front of its imam pollution and the spread of its sectarian lineage doctrine.”

He pointed out, “The Houthi militia continues its crimes against the educational process and its affiliates, in an effort to create a whole generation of adherents of its extremist ideas in the areas under its control and to impose an identity of a sectarian character.”

Since 2016, hundreds of thousands of government employees have been working in Houthi militia-controlled areas without salaries. According to a report published by UNICEF last year, a third of the workers in the educational process in Yemen, estimated at 171.6 thousand, have not received their salaries for at least 4 years.

Curriculum change

During the past years, the Houthi militia began a series of changes in educational curricula, the militia imposing certain curricula, deleting lessons devoted to Yemeni national symbols, and adding lessons for sectarian personalities in an effort to mobilize students, especially young people, with dynastic ideas that serve their sectarian and sectarian orientations.


The Houthi militia had made major changes in the educational curricula, including from the first grade to the ninth grade, as the militia radically changed four subjects, namely (the Holy Quran, Islamic education, Arabic language, social education), as part of its plan to target children and young people. The Houthi militia changed the names of more than 12,000 schools with sectarian names, some of them for their dead leaders.


Dr. Hassan Hijazi, a teacher at the University of the Sheba Region, said, “The Houthi militia is taking multiple paths to eliminate education in Yemen. In addition to depriving teachers of their salaries, it has changed curricula to penetrate the sovereign and reference concept of the Yemeni state and society, and to settle the principle of guardianship as a supreme political idea, and consolidate it.” in the Yemeni youth.

He added, in an interview with “Al-Sahwa Net”, “The Houthi militia is working to strike the historical and cultural foundations of the Yemeni people and revive the historical role of the priestly imamate by harnessing people to serve its ideas, in addition to tearing the national social fabric, and re-creating sectarian conflict to strike society together.”

“The Houthis’ use of educational institutions aims to penetrate the sectarian ideology of the Iranian regime in the region, provide civilian cover for its military arms that are working to ignite civil wars, and carry out subversive activities at the expense of Yemeni and regional stability,” Hijazi said.

The militias believe that betting on the ideology of future generations in obliterating the Yemeni identity and consolidating what they call the “faith identity” will guarantee them permanent loyalty. However, observers believe that this is “a process of booby-trapping for the future and the continuity of the war from which the militias feed and cannot remain in a stage of stability and education.” New because its ideas contradict the logic of education and knowledge.

Hit the foundations of education

The Houthi militia carried out a number of violations that targeted the foundations of education in the areas under its control, starting with widespread kidnappings and torture of many teachers in their prisons, some of whom died as a result of torture, and their control that destroyed people’s lives and made education a bad task, and the killings that targeted teachers with their attacks on Yemeni governorates.

And officials of the Yemeni Teachers Syndicate had previously announced the killing of 1,580 teachers at the hands of the Houthi militia during the period from 2015 to 2020, including 81 school principals and administrators, and 1,499 dead teachers, while 14 of those killed died due to torture in Houthi prisons, in the governorates of Sana’a and Hodeidah. Hajjah and Saada.

2,642 teachers were subjected to various injuries by militia fire, some of which resulted in permanent disabilities, in addition to the kidnapping and forced disappearance of 621 teachers, and the number of teachers who left their homes and schools in the areas controlled by the Houthi militias and fled from them to the liberated areas or outside Yemen reached 20,142 teachers, according to union officials. .

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), “there are 2.4 million Yemeni children outside the education system, and this number may rise to 6 million because at least one out of every four schools has been destroyed or partially damaged due to the war in Yemen.”

A generation of Yemeni children who were born at the beginning of the war or who learned during it in Houthi-controlled areas awaits an unknown future, as eight years of disastrous war have passed at the level of education, which is supposed to be the next hope for building.



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