The story of “Hani”, a football coach who killed his friend because of a sum of money: “He refused to return the money.” – Accidents


A football coach in private stadiums, accused of killing his friend in Abdeen, told the details of his crime before the Public Prosecution. 52 years old, and decided to detain him pending investigation, and confronted him with the investigations of the investigations, which confirmed that the accused deliberately carried out his crime by luring his friend to his house under the pretext of staying up late together and then killing him.

The football coach represents his crime and confesses it

The football coach called «Hani. H », accused of killing his friend in the first house, in representation of his crime, amid strict security measures and in the presence of the Public Prosecution yesterday, and he appeared in a state of calm and steadfastness, and confessed his crime, claiming that the victim owed a sum of money and refused to pay it, which sparked his anger and decided to take revenge on him, and during They stayed up at the defendant’s house, and there was talk about this amount, and it ended with the murder of the friend, with several stab wounds that the accused had stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

He failed to dispose of his friend’s body

According to the defendant’s speech before the investigation authorities, it was found that he had failed to dispose of his friend’s body, so he fled on the run, when he felt that the neighbors had informed the police after hearing the victim’s distress, in addition to that they had seen him when he entered the apartment, and when the police came, they discovered the murder of the victim, “Ashraf Muhammad.” Inside his friend’s apartment, who works as a football coach in private stadiums.


death penalty

Regarding the expected punishment for the accused, legal expert Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah says that the punishment according to the Penal Code is: “The perpetrator of this felony (the felony of premeditated murder) shall be sentenced to death, if preceded, accompanied by, or followed by another felony, as this The aggravating circumstance assumes that the perpetrator committed, in addition to the felony of premeditated murder, another felony in a short period of time, which means that there is more than one crime with a temporal link between them.



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