Al-Ahly beats Al-Bank with an honorable goal and strengthens its lead in the league


Al-Ahly team continued its local victories and succeeded in “charging” its balance in the league championship, after it achieved a valuable victory over Al-Bank with a clean goal during the match that brought them together this evening, Tuesday, at Cairo International Stadium.

Mohamed Sharif scored Al-Ahly’s only goal in the 32nd minute, and with this result, Al-Ahly’s balance rises to 37 points and sits at the top of the league, while the bank’s balance freezes at point 12 and ranks sixteenth.

first half

The start of the match was enthusiastic on the part of Al-Ahly, while the bank relied on counter-attacks and Al-Ahmar tried to score an early goal through the kicks of Ahmed Abdel Qader, Taher Muhammad Taher and Muhammad Sharif.

The first confirmed missed opportunity in the match was in the 17th minute by Nasser Mansi, who received a pass in the Al-Ahly penalty area and played it with his left hand, passing centimeters by the post.

The bank pressured in more than one way and was the most dangerous, while the Al-Ahly offensive line almost disappeared, especially in the absence of group play, and from a counter-attack by Al-Ahly through Ahmed Abdel Qader, Al-Ahmar succeeded in scoring the first goal through Mohamed Sharif in the 32nd minute.

The goal began when Abdul Qadir passed a good ball to Marawan Attia, who dodged the bank’s defense, and hit a powerful ball that bounced off Muhammad Abu Jabal to find Muhammad Sharif, who deposited it in the bank’s window.

After the goal, the bank’s performance was active and it tried to equalise, as Al-Ahly threatened Abu Jabal’s goal more than once through Ahmed Abdel-Qader and Coca, so the first half ended with Al-Ahly advancing with a clean goal.


Al-Ahly’s formation for the match included: Mohamed El-Shennawy, Khaled Abdel-Fattah, Mahmoud Metwally, Ramy Rabia, Hamdi Fathy, Ahmed Abdel-Qader, Mohamed Sharif, Marwan Attia, Elio Diang, Taher Mohamed Taher and Ahmed Nabil Koka.


Marawan Attia participated for the first time with Al-Ahly since his transfer to him in January, while Khaled Abdel-Fattah, who joined in January, also participated in the second match, after he started the Zamalek match last Saturday in the league, in which Al-Ahly won 3-0.

While the formation of the bank included: Muhammad Abu Jabal – Mahmoud Al-Jazzar – Ishaq Yaqobo – Osama Ibrahim – Assem Salah – Muhammad Fathi – Mahmoud Sayed – Muhammad Hilal – Mahmoud Qaoud – Nasser Mansi and Osama Faisal.

Second half

The beginning of this half came in an offensive manner on the part of the bank, which pressed you strongly, taking advantage of the significant decline in the performance of Al-Ahly players. Al-Ahly’s defense responded to the bank’s attacks, and Muhammad Fakhry participated instead of Ahmed Nabil Koka, and in reversing the bank’s attacks, Muhammad Sharif and Taher Muhammad Taher missed two opportunities to register for Al-Ahly.

In the 62nd minute, Afsha and Amr Al-Suleya participated in the place of Marawan Attia and Hamdi Fathy, and Al-Ahly blamed the apparent decline in building the attack, and Percy Tau reappeared with Al-Ahly after a long absence of injury, as Percy Tau participated in the 76th minute instead of Ahmed Abdel Qader.

The last minutes witnessed attempts by the two teams in order to score a goal, as Al-Ahly tried to score the second and the bank sought to equalize, and Shadi Hussein participated instead of Muhammad Sharif in stoppage time, after which the match ended with a difficult victory for Al-Ahly with a clean goal.



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