General / The Annual Forum of Global Trends in E-Learning “GTEL2023” continues its work for the second day, the Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh, Rajab 02, 1444 AH, corresponding to January 24, 2023 AD, SPA
Today, the annual forum of global trends in e-learning, in its second edition, “GTEL2023”, has completed its work, which was inaugurated yesterday on behalf of His Excellency the Minister of Education, Professor Youssef bin Abdullah Al-Bunyan, His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Education for Universities, Research and Innovation, Dr. Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Sudairi, and it is organized by the Saudi Electronic University, With the participation of more than 45 speakers from 30 countries, and many officials, experts and specialists.
The activities of the second day included two lectures suitable for the forum. The first was titled “The Future of Blended Education: A Vision for Education in the Twenty-First Century,” which dealt with the content we offer today, which is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, with an opportunity to enhance the knowledge that we use to help support the Kingdom’s efforts in searching for the future of education, in addition to That e-learning is essential, and there must be continuous improvement and clear strategies for developing these programs, and that technical support and guidance sessions be available in the e-learning environment; To open ways for students to learn about studying in a virtual environment and achieving sustainability, while the following lecture was presented entitled “Where is technology taking us and how can we bridge the gap to create an ideal experience for the learner?”
Within the framework of the “GTEL2023” forum, three sessions were presented; The first was titled “Digital Transformation for Inclusive Education”, which noted that education should be available to all, schools and universities, and that technology has changed education after the pandemic as a stimulus for the learner, in addition to comprehensive technological education is a clear policy on data privacy, ethical analytics, and student access. to content, and providing new tools for teachers, so that they can better control what happens when technology is deployed, followed by a session entitled “Challenges and Opportunities in E-learning for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics” that touched on the importance of improving the quality of electronic programs and e-learning platforms for students and enabling them to use them, and providing Opportunities through e-learning, in addition to the necessity of providing different methods of education, that attract students’ attention and take into account their capabilities. Education continues smoothly.
The last session dealt with “e-learning and the e-campus”, which emphasized the importance of students interacting with the outside world and providing them with performance skills, whether directly or remotely. Accordingly, STEM learning methods must be transformed to be faster and more relevant to the new reality.
The forum, organized by the Saudi Electronic University, included two workshops. They are “Improving the Student Experience: Innovative Strategies and Best Practices”, and the “Expanding Online Education” workshop.
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