The Royal Society for the Protection of the Marine Environment (Jordanian Society) | Mix

The Royal Society for the Protection of the Marine Environment (Jordanian Society) | Mix
The Royal Society for the Protection of the Marine Environment (Jordanian Society) | Mix

Ammon – It is considered the first Jordanian association established by a group of Jordanian divers interested in the marine environment to protect it from deterioration, in 1993 AD, as it is chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Ali, after which it was officially transformed into a non-governmental association specialized in protecting the marine environment in 1995 AD It should be noted that it is a non-profit organization.

Strategies of the Royal Society for the Conservation of the Marine Environment
The association’s vision aims to be a world-class institution that protects marine life for future generations in Jordan, by adopting the following strategies:

Preserving marine life, by following plans and programs aimed at developing and supervising their implementation.
Carry out awareness and education programs in the local community, to involve it in efforts to preserve the marine environment, and focus on the youth group in particular.
Integrating nature protection programs economically and socially with development, in order to contribute to the efforts exerted to protect sustainable development in the marine environment.
Developing and implementing programs aimed at environmental awareness, and involving them with national, regional and international companies.
Developing capabilities in terms of institutional, technical, and financial aspects to achieve the highest level of quality of trademarks.
The most prominent projects of the Royal Society for the Protection of the Marine Environment
The association has implemented several projects and campaigns aimed at reviving the marine environment in the water nature in Jordan, the most prominent of which are:

Buried treasures exploration project in the depths of the Gulf of Aqaba
This project aims to revive the natural marine life represented by coral, and the industrial life represented by the wreck of the sunken “Cedar Pride” ship, in addition to reviving the Islamic, historical and heritage value of the city of Ayla, which was the backbone of the Islamic economy in ancient times, in addition to highlighting many activities Navy in the Gulf of Aqaba.


A project to integrate ecosystem services into development planning
This project seeks to develop a sustainable economy and enhance livelihoods in local communities, by providing several services that contribute to improving the level of well-being, in addition to providing supply services such as: fish, and regulatory services because of their great importance in regulating the climate, and providing Multiple cultural and recreational services.


Clean up the world campaign
This campaign has been held annually since the establishment of the association, as it aims to raise environmental awareness in Jordanian society, and to protect sensitive habitats in the marine environment in the Aqaba region from the dangers of waste dumping, in addition to guiding decision makers, governments, and companies about promoting social responsibility in protecting them.

Defensive Journalism Project
This project seeks to strengthen the journalistic process that defends environmental rights through training programs aimed at targeting journalists and students to raise their abilities about the environment, its elements, and the importance of preserving it, in addition to establishing an electronic media platform that will be the main reference on various environmental issues.



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