“For those who can afford it.” Calls to boycott meat, after the price per kilo exceeded 200 pounds


Posted on: Tuesday, January 24, 2023 – 7:51 PM | Last update: Tuesday, January 24, 2023 – 7:51 PM

Mr. Alaa, Sharif Harbi, Hoda Al-Saati, Amira Mohamedeen, Maher Abdel-Sabour, Mohamed Abdel-Meguid, and Yara Saber:

Citizens calling for a boycott of meat became louder in a number of governorates, after its prices exceeded 200 pounds, while officials demanded not to boycott meat, but to boycott overpriced sellers.

The markets in Minya governorate are witnessing a state of boiling, especially with the announcement of the rise in meat prices from 180 pounds to 220 pounds, which aroused the anger of the people who called for a boycott of meat. A number of butchers joined them.

Mahmoud Hussein, a farmer, says, “Last Thursday, he went to the market to buy a kilo of baladi meat for his family of 7, and was surprised by the high price of meat to 220 pounds. He went to buy a kilo of head meat and found that its price had jumped from 90 pounds to 120 pounds, so he returned without buying.” ».

Ahmed Jabali, a vegetable trader, added: “We are tired of the high prices during the day. If we go to buy the product in the morning, we find that its price has changed at noon,” citing an example that he went to the butcher and asked him for a kilo of meat, and found it at 200 pounds; So he booked it and left, and when he came back to pick it up in the afternoon, he found it jumped to 220 pounds.

Ramadan Ali Gad said that the price of meat has risen at the butchers to 210 pounds, and the butchers told him that it will rise to 250 pounds, adding: the prices of meat have become “for those who can afford it,” and I decided to boycott meat and chicken.

The local unit of the Mallawi Center in Minya issued 17 various catering violations, in order to tighten control and implement the provisions of the law regarding violations, in order to achieve the public interest of citizens.

While the Alexandria governorate has witnessed a heavy demand for “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions since its inauguration, especially for the purchase of meat, while citizens refrained from buying it from butcher shops that sell at double prices.


Nadia Ahmed, a teacher, said that she completely refrained from buying meat from butcher shops, as the price of a kilo of meat reached more than 200 pounds, adding: “I have 4 children and I cannot buy even half a kilo because in this case not everyone eats it.” Meat prices in the exhibition are appropriate, starting from 85 pounds.


Ismail Adly, an employee, also confirmed his reluctance to buy meat for a while and only buys it once a month, expressing his happiness at the prices of “Welcome Ramadan”, which opened early, saying: “Their prices are much more merciful and there is no comparison,” stressing that fighting high prices in the province It is the solution to reduce prices that we cannot afford.”

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade in Alexandria said that the price of a kilo of frozen meat ranged from 85 pounds to 110 pounds instead of 140 pounds, and the price of a kilo of fresh Sudanese meat reached 135 pounds instead of 160 pounds, pointing out that the price of fresh local meat inside the exhibition is 160 pounds instead of 160 pounds. From 220 pounds, adding that the price of Baladi Meat Factory has reached 140 pounds instead of 180 pounds.

The Director General of Slaughterhouses in Sohag, Ahmed Hamdy, revealed the implementation of a campaign, in partnership with the Consumer Protection Department of the Sohag Supply Directorate, on butcher shops in the villages of Sohag and the Al-Balina Center, which managed to seize 175 kilos of rotten meat sealed with forged seals, and the necessary legal measures were taken based on the instructions of Major General Tariq al-Fiqi. Sohag Governor, and Dr. Essam Arafa, Director General of Veterinary Medicine.

On the other hand, the spokesman for the Ministry of Local Development, Khaled Qassem, said that there are directives in coordination with all the competent agencies to control the markets, and to reserve goods that are overpriced or that are hidden and stored intentionally in warehouses to cause confusion in the markets, especially strategic goods that affect the lives of citizens. daily directly.

Qassem confirmed to Al-Shorouk, the ministry’s keenness to expand the implementation of community initiatives, open cadres and sales outlets, and expand significantly in holding “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions, to provide commodities and foodstuffs at reduced prices, compared to their counterparts in free markets, explaining that a room has been directed Operations and crisis management in the ministry by communicating with the operating rooms in the governorates and activating hotlines in each governorate to receive any complaints from citizens in this regard and to take the necessary legal measures.

An official source at the Ministry of Agriculture said that the increase in meat prices in some governorates is not justified, as the government has released 90% of the goods and products stuck in ports during the last period. Including fodder for livestock and poultry, calling not to boycott the purchase of meat, but to boycott “unscrupulous” sellers who are overpriced.

The source noted to Al-Shorouk that the Ministry of Agriculture provides meat through fixed outlets in most streets in the governorates of Cairo and Giza, in addition to moving convoys to the governorates, the closest of which is a convoy that roamed the Menoufia governorate yesterday, including 23 cars loaded with all commodities and food products for the sale of meat and basic commodities. At prices 30% lower than the market, in order to reduce the burden on citizens.



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