A marriage list from the forties, at 143 pounds.. 9 gold tablecloths and covers (photos)


The marriage list is one of the most controversial points, which always witnesses a difference and divergence of opinions, when contracting the marriage in the modern era, especially after the global price hike, and the tendency of some to buy many quantities and pieces, and include them in the “bride’s device”, which causes incompatibility. Between families, due to the exaggeration of the final value of their contents, which is the opposite of what was customary in the forties and fifties, when the bride did not bother to buy many pieces and collectibles for preparing the marital nest.

The film producer Hossam Alwan, who is known for his passion and love for searching for the history of Egypt in ancient holdings, shared, through his Facebook account, a picture of a handwritten list, in 1949, the total amount of which is about 143 Egyptian pounds, commenting on it: “Excavations Egyptian, passport list of 143 pounds in 1949 ».

The contents of the bride’s list with prices

The “list”, which dates back to the nineties, included all the bride’s necessities, starting with the contents of the bedroom, even her net and her clothes, attached to the number of pieces and the price set for them, including: a bed with 2 iron faces and 3 mirrors, its price is 600 piasters, with A western wooden wardrobe with 3 mirrors, one from the outside and the other two from the inside, for the amount of 1025 piasters, 12 pieces consisting of mattresses, 3 duvets, 4 head pillows, and 2 bed rests, for the amount of 2800 piasters, a wooden sofa with its operators and 2 large armrests.

The bride’s list, written in 1949, which spread widely on social media, included: a large laundry basin, a small one, lids for gold pans, a dinner tray, a laundry suit, 3 cooking pots, and a copper tray.


List of furnishings and kitchen

With regard to furnishings, it consisted of 9 mattresses, a large bathrobe, and 3 face towels, at an amount of 620 piasters, 3 sheets for the bed.


The bride’s set list, for the kitchen and chinaware, included 4 tea cups with saucers, 4 coffee cups with saucers, 5 drinking glasses, a tray, a teapot, a saucepan, a glass tumbler, 6 spoons, and a set of whisks.

The contents of the network and the bride’s clothes

The contents of the net consisted of 7 pieces, divided into an earring with a gold bow, 2 thin guaishes, a gold ring, a heart of gold pendant, a gold bracelet, the first letter of her name gold, in the amount of 2725 piasters, and with regard to the bride’s clothes, it consisted of 32 pieces. Divided into about 7 silk dresses, going out sets, 12 pieces of regular clothes, and all the bride’s clothes, for the amount of 3000 piasters.

The total final amount of the bride’s list documented in 1949 was about 143 Egyptian pounds and 85 piasters.



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