Jock | The story of “Fatima’s Escape”… short stories

Jock | The story of “Fatima’s Escape”… short stories
Jock | The story of “Fatima’s Escape”… short stories

Punitive silence, in my view, appears to be torture, but inwardly is mercy, how? I will quote you the following:

Fatima is a female who is affectionate and loves good for all, and the Almighty willed and destined to propose to her whom she wished as a partner for her life, and they became acquainted after they became acquainted..

By entering her husband’s house, conditions fluctuate and conflicts and social tendencies emerge. She loves her religion and not mixing, and the husband’s family calls on her to open up and not be strict..

While her husband is going to travel, she catches up with him at the bus stop and throws his bag on the ground in front of his great astonishment. And she addressed him with words, her face reddened by the fire of anger.With me, you will not travel before ending your family’s stratagems. He goes back to his parents and tells them stories.

So they all decided to annul the contract and break the legal bond because of the innovated confusion that Fatima embarked on without her husband’s permission at the passenger station..

The anger subsides, and Fatima returns to her senses, only to realize that she is about to part, parting from the one she loved..

And those days, the world turns around and she becomes distressed in her father’s house. And because she is affectionate, her soul calls her lover and says:

No, don’t say goodbye

Be pious and reverent

And there is no life for whom she calls, the beloved begins to take revenge, and resorts to punitive silence, so he does not care or answer, despite Fatima’s strange friendliness. Hundreds of letters to him did not intercede, and hundreds of ringtones and communications were closed in her frowning face.

Fatima resorts to tears to console her soul, and a glimmer of hope appears in the blue space of Facebook, and she calls out for help from one of the relatives of the ex-husband, who was once soft-hearted and tolerant. She writes to him and begs him to reconcile what happened between her and her lover, so he promises to intervene and try to return her to him. The benefactor is surprised by the closeness and repulsion of the relative.


He returns to her with disappointment and tells her that there is no hope.

You write to him :

And what do you do, ok? I melt!

His answer was wise and the key to her relief, he said:

flee from it to its creator, His words were enough to heal her, so she decided to flee, repent, seek forgiveness, and pray until God’s command comes.

In the end, she escaped by fleeing and succeeded by deciding to marry another human being.

And in those days, the world turns around to find herself in the house of mercy and her husband as a blessing. As for the first lover, he fled from God to play, and she lives a good life, while the first husband is described as the owner of a gloomy life..

The story has ended.

An indispensable word: Fatimah is a model for many good women who seek refuge in the Most High, the Almighty, and live a good life. For example, this Fatimah, when she fled to God, was increasing her knowledge and gaining understanding in her religion, and that is what benefited her and brought her to the coast of bliss..

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