Jock | Thoughts of the “challenge” .. Human thoughts

Jock | Thoughts of the “challenge” .. Human thoughts
Jock | Thoughts of the “challenge” .. Human thoughts

Sawsan, a person looking for true happiness and peace of mind, decided to challenge herself by spending 24 hours doing the simplest charity work. How did you collect the most wonderful moments and live them in one day?

the challenge

Hello, I am Sawsan. My mother always used to say that happiness lies in the simplest things and does not require great impossibilities, but she has been in a coma for a year, so I decided to understand the meaning of true happiness by applying her precious saying..

Now it’s seven o’clock in the morning, I woke up today to start the challenge, I trusted in God, so I prepared myself and put some bread crumbs and water for the pigeons and sparrows….. From eight o’clock to ten o’clock in the morning, I went out of the house and went to the store to buy some stories and games to take home orphans.

The joy of the children is indescribable, especially when I brought some mattresses from home to warm them in this bitter cold.

At eleven o’clock, on my way to the hospital, I saw car wash workers blowing on their hands to warm them, and they were suffering from cold water..

In the middle of the day, I arrived at the hospital to visit my mother, and every time I visited her, I would return with despair and hope leaving me..

In fact, I had bought some food to eat, but after the scene I saw, I couldn’t take a single bite.

After that, it was one o’clock in the afternoon, and I decided to donate blood to the sick, and I wished for their recovery. A drop of my blood is life for others..

My thoughts never ended, I forgot my worries and got excited for more after a beautiful strange feeling mixed with joy, determination and persistence..

I decided to call my friend Laila, and due to her poor financial condition, I asked about her condition and her needs, so she told me that she needed some clothes, especially for this season..

I arrived at Laila’s house at two o’clock in the afternoon, we had a conversation, then I gave her a bag of my clothes that I no longer wear, and suddenly I saw in her eyes nothing but a sea of ​​tears that tells a lot and a lot.


I left her house and she was saying goodbye to me with thanks and praise be to God for his grace, I looked at the clock and it was four in the evening, really I no longer feel the passage of time.


I saw a young man named Sameer distributing pamphlets about afforestation campaigns, so I continued distributing them with him, then I set out with friends to clean the place, paint park benches, plant trees and plants, and distribute water bottles to everyone who passes by..

We finished work at six o’clock in the evening, I enjoyed a lot of cooperation with them, and they told me about the Association of Feeding the Poor, which not only feeds the poor, but everyone who enters it does not leave unless he is full, and it is also a shelter for all refugees.

I got in the car and I, Maryam, Hanan, and Samir, went to the “help tent”. We attended a large number of dinner tables amidst a huge crowd of people, and the visitors to this place liked us.

I’ve never had such an amazing experience!

Night fell and at nine o’clock at night, after those works that we and my friends collaborated on (in the name of the association), Mary and I decided to stay and sleep in a large tent for women.

I called my father at night, and he reassured me about his condition, and he encouraged me, and he was proud of the assistance and work that I provided that made me and others happy..

I slept that night with many of the poor, the needy, and some young women like me (helpers) who came from their homes to befriend and console the weak in poverty, cold and loneliness. We even gave up mattresses and pillows and slept on the ground because it was not enough for all the tent sleepers. I will not regret what I gave, so comforting the poor It is better than a thousand consolations, and even in my sleep it was a good deed.

Here comes a new morning, now it’s seven o’clock and that’s the end of 24 hours And suddenly, as I was on my way to get up, my phone rang and the caller was my father. I got up quickly to answer him: How great are you, O Lord! How great are you, my Lord! It was the most beautiful call I’ve ever had. It’s my mom..

I woke up from her long coma, I stopped calling my father, I started screaming, crying and laughing, maybe I went crazy, I asked them to slap my face maybe it was a dream, but it is not a dream, I went rushing to the hospital

I will not talk about the meeting between me and my mother because I am unable to describe it to you, but I knew, I knew the meaning of true happiness, and I knew that happiness is made by small details, and if you search for happiness in the affairs of the world, you will not find it except with God, and even if what you possess of these is few. life.

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