Who is the wife of Carrillo, the Al-Hilal player?

Who is the wife of Carrillo, the Al-Hilal player?
Who is the wife of Carrillo, the Al-Hilal player?

Who is the wife of Carrillo, the Al-Hilal player, and whom she talked about a lot and asked questions whenever Carrillo, the Saudi Al-Hilal player, played a match? Carrillo is considered one of the most important stars of Al-Hilal Saudi football. The club, and many fans and followers of Al-Hilal Club and the player are keen to know his wife and often search for her identity and details of her personal life, so in this article he presented, we will talk about Carrillo’s wife, the Saudi Al-Hilal player, and details about their personal lives in addition to Carrillo’s football career.

Who is Carrillo, the Al-Hilal player?

This Andre Martin Carrillo Diaz is a football player born on the fourteenth of June 1991 AD in Lima, Peru, that is, he is about thirty years old, and Carrillo plays in the wing position under the center of the attack, and Carrillo with a height of 180 cm and weighs about 72 kg And Carrillo fought his long football career in international clubs before finally settling in the Saudi club Al-Hilal, where Carrillo began his football career in the world of football in the youth academy in Lima. , his birthplace in Esther Grande de Benten, in 2004 AD, then he joined the Alianza Youth Academy in Lima in 2007 AD and was promoted to the first team of the same club in 2009 AD to participate in the league in its fifth round on the court of the main team of Alejandro Villanovia against Cesar Vallejo Club .

What is Carrillo’s profession?

Carrillo signed his first professional contract and professional career on May 6, 2011, when he joined Portuguese club Sporting CP who were immediately promoted to the first team in the league after the fifth matchday. Mainly played on September 19, 2011 AD in Rio Avenue, and the match ended 3-2 away from the team, after which Carrillo played several matches in which he played mostly before scoring his first goal during his eleventh match against Braga, and on February 2, 2016, he was loaned out AD Carrillo joined the Portuguese club Benfica, who played in the squad in the 2016-2017 season.

Before he was loaned back to Watford on August 24, 2017 AD, for one year, to play for an English club on loan with an option to buy, and on July 23, 2022 AD. Carrillo was loaned to Al-Hilal Saudi Football Club in the Saudi Professional League before the player signed a four-year contract with the club and began his remarkable journey with the Saudi club.

Who is the wife of Carrillo, the Al-Hilal player?

Carrillo’s wife, Al-Hilal player, is Suhaila Awad Gad, a Spaniard and former tennis player, born on August 15, 1998 AD, born in DiCampo in Valladolid, Spain, and Carrillo married her in 2016 AD. Her mother, of Spanish origin, Suhaila Jad, has a unique and wonderful personality, because she is calm by nature and loves honesty at work. Suhaila is considered one of those who have a graceful body because of her continuous sports activities, and she is a former tennis player.

What is the love story and relationship between Carrillo and Suhaila Gad?

While playing for Portuguese club Sporting CP, Carrillo met Arab-born TV presenter and tennis player Suhaila Gad in 2015 while shopping. Since then, they established a strong love relationship interspersed with dates and lived a life full of love before announcing it later in 2016. Their official marriage, and after this marriage, Suhaila Jad became one of the strongest followers of Carrillo’s career and his first support during his career in all his transitional stations and a strong supporter of him in all his endeavors. his decisions. children, and he does not really like extravagance and appearance, except that they live with the children in an ordinary apartment and have no servants, except for a babysitter.

Who are the sons of Carrillo, the Saudi Al-Hilal player?

The marriage of Al-Hilal player Carrillo to tennis player and former TV presenter Suhaila Jad in 2016 AD resulted in the birth of two twin children, whom they called (Sabri and Samira), and two children who live with their parents in Saudi Arabia after Carrillo moved to the ranks. From Al-Hilal Saudi Club, he cares a lot about his family life and attaches great importance to it, which he mentioned and mentioned to the media before, as he cares more about being a father than being a player, and always strives hard to raise his children properly.

Most prominent Suhaila Gad, Carrillo’s wife, sports career

-As we mentioned- Suhaila Jad, the wife of the Saudi Al-Hilal player, is a former tennis player and ranked No. 600 in the world, and she participated in many international confrontations, most notably

  • 2003 She played several matches in the Professional Tennis League, winning nine matches and losing five more matches.
  • 2004 She played thirty matches, won twenty-three matches, and lost sixteen matches.
  • 2005 Played 12 tournament tennis matches, winning six and losing six.

After that, Suhaila Jad retired from tennis permanently and moved to television programs on Spanish television.

What is carillo’s wife tv career

After leaving the world of tennis, Carrillo’s wife, the Saudi Al-Hilal player, Suhaila Jad, turned to TV programs, thanks to her participation in presenting several youth and women’s programs on Spanish television on Monuela, through a dating program to receive love, in addition to her rise to the throne of special programs. And she gained wide fame on the channels until she gave it up and decided to prepare for various programs that she presented through the small screen before stopping for a while, and in 2014 she returned again to television through the Adventurers program and then went to Honduras to present the TV Adventures program, but the situation did not last long, so she stopped Again, she left the program because of her father. Illness and a serious condition, and since 2015 she has returned to the programs again and presented a program dedicated to interviews with Spanish international personalities, in addition to the Passports program on Al-Jazeera satellite channel.


Carrillo, Crescent International

Carrillo appeared for the first time in the national team of his country in 2011 AD, when coach Sergio Markarian called him to the Peruvian match against Ecuador, and in this match he participated as a substitute on the bench and did not participate in the match. . In the same year in May, he was called up again to compete in the Kirin Cup. He was also called up to the national team again in 2015 on 3 July and scored his second international goal during the match against Paraguay in the third-fourth place match in the 2015 AD Copa América, as he was selected for Peru. It includes 24 players, to participate in the 2022 European Football Championship in Russia, to score their country’s first goal against Australia, in addition to participating with the Peruvian national team in the America’s Cup tournament that was held in Brazil in 2022.


The most important football achievements of Carrio

Carrillo, the current Saudi Al-Hilal player, achieved many achievements and titles during his football career, which can be summarized as follows:

Carrillo’s achievements with Sporting Lisbon

  • Portuguese Musin Cup 2014-2015
  • Portuguese Super Cup 2015 AD.

Carrillo’s achievements with Portuguese club Benfica

  • Portuguese Premier League champion 2016-2017 season.
  • Portuguese Cup 2016-2017 season.
  • Portuguese Super Cup 2016 AD.

Carrillo’s achievements in Al-Hilal Saudi Club

  • Saudi Super Cup 2022.
  • AFC Champions League 2022 AD.
  • The Saudi League title, season 2022-2022 AD.
  • Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup season 2022-2022.

Carrillo’s achievements in the Peruvian national team

  • Second place in the America’s Cup 2022.
  • He also finished third and won the bronze medal in 2011 and 2015.

What are Carrillo accounts on communication sites

Carrillo, the Al-Hilal player, is committed to constantly communicating with his fans and admirers in the world through his various accounts on social networking sites, as the player has several different accounts; In order to communicate with the largest number of their fans and admirers, among these accounts are the following

Al-Hilal Karyo player on Twitter

Carrillo has an account on the global Twitter platform, which is often used in the Gulf region, and the player follows on this platform more than four hundred and fifty thousand followers from different parts and countries of the favorite player’s fans, and this account has been created since September 2011. AD and the player through this The account tweets or republishes some advertisements that the player makes for some companies and products, especially after he moved to Al Hilal Saudi Club, and you can follow this account through this name (@ 18andrecarrillo).

Instagram player Al-Hilal Carrillo

The Instagram platform is the main window for Kario, the Al Hilal player, as the number of the player’s followers exceeds two million and three hundred thousand followers from all over the world, and the player seeks to communicate constantly with his fans and fans. Through this platform and his official account on it, which is highlighted in blue in the form of an icon by publishing his photos and commercials, he aims to publish his latest photos with his team, with his children, and many other photos. Which unites him with his colleagues on his tour in the Kingdom and his pictures in a Saudi dress, and you can follow his account and find it through the following account (18andrecarrillo).

Suhaila Gad, Carrillo’s wife

Suhaila Jad has several accounts on social networking sites through which she publishes her personal photos and follows all the news related to her and her husband on the pages of various media outlets, and you can follow these accounts

Instagram Soheila Gad, Carrillo’s Wife

The former Spanish tennis player, program host and Carrillo’s wife, the current Al Hilal Saudi player, Suhaila Jad, loves to post personal pictures of herself, in addition to pictures of her children, as well as pictures of her and her husband in separate areas. One thousand followers through this account, and you can follow this account by searching for the following name (suhailajad).

Twitter account of Suhaila Gad, Carrillo’s wife

Suhaila Jad, wife of Al-Hilal player Carrillo, has a dedicated account on the global Twitter platform, and through this account she has nearly twenty-five thousand followers, through which she publishes her own photos as well as her tweets, in addition to forwarding some of them. Among the tweets that belong to her and her husband to local and international media, and you can follow this account by searching for the following name (suhailajad), which you created in November 2012.

At the end of the article, who is the wife of Carrillo, the Al-Hilal player, we talked about Carrillo, the Saudi Al-Hilal player, and we also touched on his Spanish wife, Suhaila Jad, and her sports and media career, in addition to that. To sign their love, marriage, and children, and finally, we mentioned their accounts on social media, and we hope you like it.



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