Safwan Thabet.. Why was he arrested, why was he released, and how can he recover his rights from the gang?

Safwan Thabet.. Why was he arrested, why was he released, and how can he recover his rights from the gang?
Safwan Thabet.. Why was he arrested, why was he released, and how can he recover his rights from the gang?

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The release of any detainee is a joyful and joyful thing, but who can return what was stolen from him and it is impossible to return him, and in the case of businessman Safwan Thabet, owner of the Juhayna company, the first thing that the unjust general cannot return to him is his wife, who died of heartbreak and anguish after her cancer became severe, as a result of her appeal to a gang The coup by releasing her husband and son.

Kidnapping hostages for bargaining and extortion, then releasing them after taking what they want. It is the policy of gangs, not regimes, but this is an unfortunate and shameful reality that Egypt is experiencing after the coup of June 30, 2013. And the evidence is Safwan Thabit And his son, after two years of pretrial detention and without referral to trial, without rehabilitating or denying the accusations that unjustly pursued the two men, but the effects of injustice continue, and justice requires that the decisions to freeze funds and prevent travel be ended.

to torture

Under pressure from the International Monetary Fund, the coup gang released businessman Safwan Thabet and his son after they spent nearly two years in pretrial detention on charges of terrorism, according to Maryam, the daughter of the founder and former CEO of the “Juhayna” food industries group, without specifying when they were released.

The prolonged detention of Safwan Thabet and his son before the trial and their placement in solitary confinement sparked criticism from human rights organizations, and Amnesty International said that it “amounts to torture.”

Extensive violations committed by the coup gang against a number of businessmen began in 2015, when the butcher Sisi’s judicial arm issued a decision to seize the funds and property of 1,345 personalities close to the Muslim Brotherhood, more than 100 schools, about 60 companies, and 500 headquarters, whose market value is about 50. billion pounds, according to the lowest estimates.

For his part, Dr. Muhammad Al-Saghir says, Secretary-General of the International Organization for the Support of the Prophet of Islam, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Union of Muslim Scholars Maryam Thabet was able, with all perseverance, to make the case present, until her father, Safwan Thabet, and her brother, Saif, were released, after more than two years of injustice.

And 2021 was a continuation of the series of repression, as the coup gang brought charges against some prominent businessmen, some of them related to supporting terrorism, and the matter was not limited to seizing their money and closing their commercial activities that have been going on for decades, but also extended to violations related to their families, which raised several questions about who they are? What are the charges against them? What is the message that the butcher wants to deliver?

The most prominent person accused by the coup gang and who was subjected to repression against him and his family, was businessman Safwan Thabet, owner of the Juhayna Dairy and Beverage Company, who was arrested on December 5, 2020, for allegedly financing a terrorist group established in violation of the law.

Safwan Thabet was not opposed to the ruling gang, but attended a meeting in 2014 with the butcher Sisi among a number of businessmen to discuss a mechanism to support the coup gang projects, and donated 50 million pounds to the Long Live Egypt Fund, but after a while his name was removed from the list of patriotic businessmen and the right to the list Terrorists, in a radical transformation that is not understood until now.

In June 2018, Saif, the son of Safwan Thabet, signed a decision to donate Juhayna 15 million pounds to the Military Fund called “Long Live Egypt” to support the campaign to eradicate Hepatitis C, a contribution after which the company obtained a shield of honor that Saif himself received from the Financial Affairs Authority of the Armed Forces, according to a statement. Journalist for Juhayna.

Juhayna has also contributed to initiatives and events in cooperation with a number of ministries, including the contribution to providing condoms for medical personnel at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, as well as continuous participation for years in exhibitions sponsored and organized by the Ministry of Supply to provide family necessities at reduced prices, including This shows “Welcome Schools and Welcome Ramadan.”


Despite all of this, Safwan Thabet and Saif Thabet, the father and son, respectively, remained for two years in solitary confinement in the Mazraa annex, and in aggravated solitary confinement in Tora prison, until they were suddenly released.


On August 20, 2015, the Committee for Reservation and Management of Brotherhood Funds decided to seize Safwan Thabet’s liquid, movable and real estate funds. There was no hint, in any of the thirty years that Safwan Thabet worked in Egypt, that he was linked in any way to the Brotherhood. Muslims.

In February 2016, the Committee for the Seizure of the Brotherhood’s Funds in Egypt announced the reservation of 7.2% of Juhayna’s shares owned by Thabet, indirectly, as 40% of the company’s shares were offered on the stock exchange for the first time in 2010.

What crime?

Before the offering, the Thabet family (father, mother, and three children) owned 51.2% of “Juhayna.” After the offering, 50.8% of the shares became Pharaoh Investments Limited, in which the Thabet family owns more than 72% of its shares, in exchange for the rest of the shares in the hands of old shareholders. and renewed.

In January 2017, the coup gang continued its procedures against Thabet, including him on the list of terrorists along with the group’s leaders for a period of 3 years by a judicial ruling from the Criminal Court, during which the court upheld his accusation and 1,533 others on several charges, including financing terrorist groups and monopolizing goods and corporations with the aim of harming the national economy.

In December 2021, Safwan Thabet was arrested, followed by his son, Saif Thabet, in February 2021. After his father, he assumed the chairmanship of Juhayna’s board of directors. Saif Thabet was the only one among the defendants in the case who was not detained in the Mazraa annex prison, and his lawyer or relatives were not allowed to know where he was being held, according to his mother. Bahira Al-Shawi, who complained that she could only visit Thabet the father once, and that he did not know the whereabouts of Thabet the son since his arrest on February 1, 2021.

Human Rights Watch quoted two sources as saying that the arrest of “Saif Thabet” came in the wake of a previous meeting with officials from the National Security and the General Intelligence Service, in which he refused to give up his family’s shares in the Juhayna company to a sovereign entity, without naming him.

Juhayna owns 4 factories, a huge distribution network covering more than 136,000 retail outlets, as well as a 550-feddan dairy farm, and the company’s stock market value reaches nearly 7 billion Egyptian pounds.

The ongoing campaigns of the coup gang against the owners of capital targeted “Sayyid Ragab Al-Swerki,” the owner of the “Shops of Monotheism and Light” chain, whose funds were seized, and 65 branches owned by him, and the task of managing them was assigned to a government company, and the butcher Sisi was also kidnapped by Safwan Thabet, the businessman Hassan Malik, and the price of the dollar was 8 pounds, on the accusation that he raised the dollar, and today the price of the dollar reached 32 pounds, and Malik is still in prison.

And there is the well-known businessman “Salah Diab”, who was also forced to sell a number of his private projects, led by “Al-Masry Al-Youm” newspaper, to send these facts a message to businessmen, to the effect that either you are with the coup gang on its terms, and that you share your profits with it, otherwise the abuse is in your hands. waiting for you.

The emergence of other businessmen who were previously accused in major cases, such as the convicted murderer “Hisham Talaat Mustafa” and the accused of corruption and monopoly “Ahmed Ezz” and the accused of bribery “Ayman Refaat Al-Gamil” confirms that corruption at times and extortion at times, and interests at others, have become the pillars of a game that the coup gang and its apparatus are good at. Sovereign right of money and business whales, and the billionaires club owners in Egypt.



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