Link to register in the schools league for boys


The account of the “Schools League” championship, via “Twitter”, published a link to register for the tournament, the version of the boys’ schools, which is being held during the current year.

The tweet was titled: “Register now and compete in the Football Championship – Boys 2023.”

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It is possible to register for the tournament through the link

The success of the girls’ school league version

In the girls’ schools version, Dar Al Hanan High School was crowned with the title, after winning the final match against the Fourth Secondary School in Jubail.


The tournament account showed clips from the final match, which was held at the Noon Academy stadium in Jeddah, where Dar Al Hanan High School defeated the Fourth High School in Jubail, with a score of 2/1 in the final match.


The Dar Al Hanan High School team was able to advance in the first half with a goal without a response through Sarah Al-Rashidi at the 18th minute.

The player, Dana Abdel-Razzaq, managed to equalize, before Jumana Al-Sharif scored the goal again, and attempts continued to score a new goal, but to no avail, so that the final of the Schools League for Girls ended with the victory of Dar Al-Hanan Secondary School, with a score of 2/1.

And go School League For Girls 2022, last December 10, with the participation of: The fourteenth secondary school in Arar affiliated to the northern border education region, the ninth secondary school in Onaizah, the fourth secondary school in Jubail, the thirteenth secondary school in Qurayyat, the private education schools in Riyadh, and the private Al-Anjal school in Al-Ahsa.

As each of them participated; Tala’a Al-Ghad High School in Tabuk, the Seventh High School in Hail, Anwar Al-Fayhaa Private Schools in Madinah, Fatima Bint Al-Mundhir High School in Al-Baha, the First High School in Jazan, the Eleventh High School in Abha, the Third High School in Najran, Dar Al-Hanan High School in Jeddah, Al-Anjal Private School in Taif, and the Eighth High School in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.



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