Masses: Changing the Dory Roshen conveyor is a requirement


Since the beginning of the current season in the Roshen Saudi Professional League, Saudi football fans have suffered from repeated technical and technical errors in broadcasting matches from the channels broadcasting the league championship, as they were repeated in many matches, not just once.

Not one match

And the fans had previously complained about the interruption of the broadcast frequently during the “Victory and Justice” and “Unity and Justice” and “Victory and Al-Ittifaq” matches during the rounds of the Saudi Professional League.

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Today, the audience launched, via Twitter, the hashtag “Change the league carrier is a requirement” due to the large number of technical errors and the failure of SSC channels to fulfill their promises to remedy these technical errors in broadcasting.

And the fans demanded the need to choose a new channel that broadcasts the professional league matches, and its workers are characterized by impartiality and not favoring one club at the expense of the other.


A transfer unworthy of Dory Roshen

Al-Nasr fans had posted some video clips from the match the agreement Which witnessed the first appearance of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo in the Al-Nasr Club shirt and indicated that the video clips filmed by the audience were better than the SSC broadcast of the Al-Nasr and Al-Ettifaq match in the Professional League.


Sports journalist Abdullah Al-Faqeer commented on his Twitter account: “Apology No. How much?! What is happening is very shameful, all the capabilities, and they are unable to transfer matches, which is very shameful.”

While the sports critic and legal coach, Muhammad Al-Dawish, said: “The transfer fails.”

The SSC channel was subjected to several criticisms due to the technical problems that accompany the broadcast of the matches, as the channel had previously submitted a statement in which it apologized to the fans for the technical and technical problems that accompany the broadcast of the matches, while making promises to solve them during the current season.



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