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Who is Salwa Al-Zahrani, whose name was mentioned on social media and the Saudi media recently, after the story of her escape from the Kingdom, leaving her family, and seeking asylum in Canada, and the events that followed, which raised resentment and questions among Saudi streets and social media users, as well as the identity of Salwa Al-Zahrani and the details. From her life, we offer you this article to try to answer all the specific questions and details related to Sarah Al-Zahrani.

Who is Salwa Al-Zahrani?

Salwa Al-Zahrani is a Saudi-born girl, born in 1994 AD in the Qassim region, and she is one of the activists on social networking sites, as she has a large number of followers thanks to her account before her escape. From the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this number has increased dramatically after she sought refuge in Canada to escape from her country of origin, and Sarah Al-Zahrani is not the only case of escape and flight in the Kingdom. The increasing number of runaways and asylums for Saudi girls in Western countries. Under the motive of fleeing to freedom and liberation, as they claim, but the first and most common motive is to deviate from Saudi customs and principles in an attempt to liberate girls from them, but these fugitives did not want to remain surrounded by those who tried to protect them and rebelled against customs and traditions, so they fled to the arms of the West.

What is the story of the escape of Salva Al-Zahrani?

After graduating from high school, Salwa Al-Zahrani decided to run away from her family and seek asylum in Canada. Indeed, despite not knowing English, Al-Zahrani managed to escape from Saudi Arabia and reach Canada, where she applied for asylum in Canada. Asylum due to persecution and possibly murder, until the Canadian government agreed to approve her application and grant her asylum. As soon as she arrived, she began publishing videos and pictures documenting her escape and asylum, and calling on Saudi girls and boys to follow her example, rebel against customs and be free from them, flee and seek asylum in Western countries, and as soon as these invitations and clips spread, anger and boredom prevailed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and many began In search of predetermined identity. Al-Zahrani tries to guess the reasons for her escape.

The most important reasons for the escape of Salva Al-Zahrani

So some went to refute the reasons for her escape, and she fled from her family with her cousin who proposed to her and her family rejected her, so she decided to flee and seek asylum in a foreign country and marry him, and as some went to other speculations, including her escape and asylum in Canada to seek religious asylum after she left the Islamic religion, Therefore, she was afraid for herself and her fate if she remained in Saudi Arabia and her condition was exposed, but the main reason and the biggest motive that prompted her to run is still unknown to anyone, except for some guesses that we told you about.

What challenges does Salwa Al-Zahrani face in Canada?

Immediately upon Salwa Al-Zahrani’s arrival in Canada after her escape from Saudi Arabia, according to what she described in her journey in search of freedom, she obtained approval for her asylum request, and from the moment she arrived in Canada, she began confronting her. Some problems as a result of being deceived and deceived by some people, and this is something that she trusted and published through her various accounts on social networking sites, she said

Salwa Al-Zahrani explained that the rooms are very bad and noisy. Where there is no privacy, but it lacks many of the features found in apartments, except perhaps because of the lack of money that you have, and after listening to the talk of the mediator, I agreed to live with him in a room inside the apartment and as a result I signed the contract and when I entered the room she was renting I found that it was bad In addition to being insulted, she was harassed by a white man who prevented her from entering her room. She was insulted and intimidated, so she called the broker to get her money back and cancel the contract, and he told her that she could only do that after ninety days of signing, so she went to the police. She told them about her problem and that the broker had deceived her, the police replied that she was on the terms of the contract, which means she agreed to the terms of the contract.


An attack on a street in Saudi Arabia on Salwa Al-Zahrani

As soon as Salwa Al-Zahrani arrived in Canada and settled, she broadcast videos and tweets on her various accounts, during which she gained a large number of Saudi followers, especially young men and women, and through these clips on Snapchat she calls the Saudi youth and the Saudi youth. Girls fleeing, liberating themselves from habits, and rebelling against them by fleeing.. Soon, these pictures and clips spread like wildfire, causing uproar and uproar in the Saudi street, and some Arab countries reached.. The Saudis attacked Salwa Al-Zahrani for her. Statements about her that she is doing this in order to achieve fame and increase the number of her followers by creating problems, as well as confusion and divisions between groups of Saudis.


How Salwa Al-Zahrani was subjected to racism and neglect

– As we mentioned – Salwa Al-Zahrani was subjected to fraud from the beginning of her arrival in Canada through an intermediary. After thinking she might have rented a house with another Saudi girl, she finds out she has been scammed. A fraud because the house contract was fake, which forced her to agree to a room in a small apartment, so she published her story through her account, which won the sympathy of a Saudi doctor who lives in Canada and tried to help her and communicate with her. For Salwa Al-Zahrani to stay there for three days, and Salwa went again at her expense, telling the story of what happened to her exposure. fraud and bullying in Canada; Being an Arab girl and not being able to speak English fluently, in addition to being rejected by Canadian society, in addition to being ignored by the Canadian police and not providing her with protection or assistance.

As soon as these stories and clips spread across the Saudi street, gloating comments and responses rained down on her, saying that what happened to her was part of what she did, leaving her to her family and her rebellion against customs and traditions. and the traditions that provide her with full protection and support in Saudi Arabia.

From Father Salwa Al-Zahrani

Since the early days of the spread of the story of Salwa Al-Zahrani’s escape from her family and her hideout in Canada, she began publishing clips and pictures calling on Saudi youth and girls to escape customs and traditions, as she described. And after she faced many problems in Canada, most notably violent racism and deception, many began The pioneers of the link site tried to reach the name of Salva Al-Zahrani’s father and obtain some details about him. She did not reveal any details about herself and her family, but she told her followers that her father refused her marriage to the man she loved, and this is one of the reasons why she fled abroad in search of freedom.

Snapchat account Salwa Al-Zahrani

During the riots caused by Salwa Al-Zahrani in Saudi Arabia, an echo reached some Arab countries, publishing her stories and pictures calling for release and escaping from customs, in addition to posting video clips in them. She talks about being exposed to scams, bullying, and neglect in Canada, all of which helped a lot in spreading her account and growing thousands of her followers to become a celebrity on social media. You can access her account on the Snapchat platform by searching her following account name (salwa.alzahrani).

At the end of the article, who is Salwa Al-Zahrani, we presented to our followers the story of Salwa and some details of her life, starting with her rebellion against customs and her escape to Canada, through her calls for Saudi youth. To rebel against customs and expose her to fraud and bullying, harassment and neglect by the police, we put her personal account on the Snapchat platform for you, and we hope you like it.



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