Who is Salih al-Naeem on Wikipedia?

Who is Salih al-Naeem on Wikipedia?
Who is Salih al-Naeem on Wikipedia?

Who is Saleh Al-Naim, Wikipedia, the name that has been circulated by Saudi media and local newspapers in recent days, and used by the largest Saudi institutions and companies. Due to his success and prominence in the field of legal accounting and his strong relations with most major companies in the Kingdom and abroad, and the personality of Saleh Al-Naim, we will discuss in this article submitted by the author to talk about Saleh. Bliss and various aspects of his life and success.

Who is Saleh Al-Naim on Wikipedia?

Saleh Al-Naeem is a chartered accountant and even the most famous and largest accountant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of accounting law, in addition to being the most experienced lawyer in this field, in which he worked for many years. And Saleh Al-Naeem owns one of the largest legal accounting offices in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to invest his intensive efforts in the field and field of the judiciary.

What is the information about the favor of bliss

The legal accountant, Saleh Al-Naeem, was born in the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and began his practical career as a pioneer in the field of legal accounting in order to reach the highest positions in this field and prove himself and his success in this field. Until he took his place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and became one of the pillars of legal accounting and law throughout the Arab world. Saleh Al-Naeem worked during his career and held many positions, including his work as an Arab professional member. The League of Authorities, and owns the largest law firm in the Saudi city of Jeddah. He was also known for his extreme generosity and benevolence towards others.

The late Saleh Al-Naim, Department of Accounting and Due Diligence

The late Saleh Al-Naim owns several accounting and legal offices in various parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saleh Al-Naeem Office (Certified Accountants) was established in 1990 with license number 271 issued by the Ministry. trade in Saudi Arabia. The office deals with accounting and service activities. The office provides its services through several branches distributed as follows


  • Address Dhahran Street – Dhahran Commercial Center – next to the Middle East Center – fifth floor.
  • Phone number 0138939250.
  • Fax 0138979926.

Al-Ahsa office

  • Address Hofuf – Al-Saleh Building – next to the Middle Industrial Institute, second floor.
  • Tel. 013 5879810.
  • Fax 013 5820078.

Riyadh office

  • Address Al-Shateen Street – Al-Nimr Commercial Center No. (2).
  • Tel. 01147689028.
  • Fax 0114771805.

office in Jeddah

  • Address Sixtieth Street – Al-Abdul Latif Plaza Center – next to Irfan Hospital.
  • Tel. 0126982994.
  • Fax 0126986027.

What are the means of communication with the office of Saleh Al-Naeem?

Saleh Al-Naim’s office relies on communicating with companies and institutions through several different means of communication, and in particular

  • Various office telephones and faxes.
  • Or through the official page of the office of Saleh Al-Naeem on the official website of Facebook under the title (Saleh Al-Naeem Office – Chartered Accountants and Auditors).
  • at the following e-mail address.
  • Or the official website of the office called Edraak International Company for Certified Public Accountants at the following link.

The cause of death of Saleh Al-Naeem

Later, in the year 2022 AD, some news and media newspapers published news that the well-known lawyer and accountant, Saleh bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Naim, had contracted the Corona virus, and after a few days, on the twenty-first of this month. June 2022 AD, corresponding to 10/29/1443 AH, it was announced that his family had informed him of his death after his health deteriorated due to this deadly virus, and from the first minutes announcing the news of his death, he said that he had met friends and lovers of this great man. who dealt with him, and the news of his death made a great impression and deep sorrow in their souls. Everyone who knew him with the death of Saleh Al-Naim, Saudi Arabia has lost great importance in the field of law and legal accounting.


Those who are responsible mourn the favor of bliss

Immediately after the news of the death of Saleh Al-Naim spread, the Emir of Al-Ahsa, Prince Badr bin Muhammad bin Jalawi Al Saud, expressed his condolences to all members of the Al-Naim family on the death of their son, Saleh Al-Naim. – Naeem, through a phone call he made with the brothers and sons of Saleh Al-Naim, calling on the deceased to have mercy and his family to be patient and restful, as the family put it. The deceased expressed her gratitude to His Highness the Governor for their sympathy with him.

The sons of Abdullah Al-Khudari also expressed their condolences on the death of Saleh Al-Naeem, the secretary in charge of the financial reorganization of the company in Dammam (No. 4407 dated 01/07/2022). Immediately after announcing his death, the position became vacant, and the company is working to appoint a successor to the late Saleh Al-Naeem.

The most important obituary in favor of bliss

From the first moments when the Al-Naim family announced the news of the death of the late Saleh Al-Naim, many prominent personalities in the Kingdom mourned him, including

  • Business development consultant Faisal Khaled Al-Gharib tweeted, mourning him, saying, “Saleh Al-Naim, a man known for his kindness, benevolence, building a mosque, generosity, and giving, died today, and we worked with him on a number of real projects. Real estate projects since 2002”.
  • The accountant, Abd al-Ilah al-Khulaibi, wrote about the news of his death, saying, “The eyes shed tears and the heart is sad, and I am sad for your separation, Abu Abdullah.
  • Imad al-Naim mourned him, saying, May God have mercy on the cousin, Saleh al-Naim, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return.
  • And accountant Sami Al-Shuaibi wrote, he said, “The last day, Tuesday, September 6, 2022 AD … you called me and told me, may God have mercy on you.” May God have mercy on you and forgive you, and dwell in His spacious gardens. May God sanctify your soul with Him in the gardens of bliss, O Lord.
  • Malik Maid also tweeted the following: “Every time I meet him, I learn a new lesson in how to deal with life and its difficulties. Until the last day he was loyal to everyone as an icon in philanthropy. My condolences.” his son d. Abdullah and his brothers.

At the end of the article, who is Saleh Al-Naim on Wikipedia, in which we talked about the biography of the late accountant and lawyer Saleh Al-Naim and his biography, as well as his most prominent works and achievements, as we touched on the addresses and branches of Saleh Al-Naim’s office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then we reported the news of the death of Saleh Al-Naim and its impact on society business in Saudi Arabia. Senior businessmen and accountants, officials and government companies mourn him and sympathize with his family and children, and we hope you liked it.



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