The price of the UAE tourist visa for a period of 5 years.. Conditions and method of applying for the UAE visa

The price of the UAE tourist visa for a period of 5 years.. Conditions and method of applying for the UAE visa
The price of the UAE tourist visa for a period of 5 years.. Conditions and method of applying for the UAE visa

The 5-year UAE tourist visa is an essential component of the most important categories of visas and residencies in the UAE.

Therefore, we will discuss what is the price of the 5-year UAE visa if you plan to visit the UAE and want to obtain a tourist visa, as the smart UAE government has made it clear that the duration of the residence visa varies according to the type of visa and the sponsor, and it is issued for one, two or three periods.

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UAE visa price from Sudan

It should be taken into account that the price of a 5-year UAE visa is the same for all countries, and the price of a visa valid for Sudan is the same as the price of a visa valid for Egypt, estimated at 120 dirhams.

UAE visa price for Saudi residents

Residents of Saudi Arabia have a strong desire to inquire about the price of the Emirates visa, as they fear that the procedures required to obtain a visa will be complicated, either because of the required papers or because of the sponsorship. However, the matter is not that difficult, and you can travel to the Emirates regardless of whether you are under sponsorship. individuals or companies.

The Emirates visa for residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia costs two hundred dirhams on the first day and one hundred dirhams for each day after that, and an additional service fee of 100 dirhams is paid before leaving the country.

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How much is the Emirates visa?

Steps to obtain a 5-year UAE visa

When searching for how much does the UAE visa cost, it is first necessary to know what are the steps to be followed to obtain this visa. The steps are as follows:

  • Log in to the website of the General Directorate of Residency in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The type of application must then be specified whether it is for a person currently residing in Saudi Arabia or for a person traveling with a Saudi citizen.
  • Provide basic information that includes your name in both Arabic and English, your date of birth, nationality, occupation, and finally the destination of your trip.
  • Enter the full data of the passport including the number, its expiry date and the country that issued the passport.
  • Enter the details of the individual who is sending the application, as this includes the Iqama number, Iqama expiry date, sponsor’s name, sponsor’s address, and any other relevant data.
  • After completing the data entry and making sure that it does not contain errors, pay the associated fees and verify that the process has been properly implemented.
  • You should expect a response from us within two to five business days.
  • If your request is not accepted, the fees you paid will be returned to you.
  • If your application is accepted, the e-Visa will be delivered to the email address you provided in the application.

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How much does a UAE visa cost?

How much does a UAE visa cost for a month is as follows:

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The cost of a UAE entry visa for one month is AED 350, and this visa can be extended twice each time for a period of 30 days at an additional cost of AED 960 for a one-time extension.

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Tourist visa requirements for the UAE for a period of 5 years

It is important to meet and meet all the many requirements set by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in order to be eligible for a five-year entry visa to the UAE, as these requirements include the following elements:

  • Bank statement covering the past six months showing a balance of $4,000 or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • Medical expenses insurance.
  • A copy of the travel document.
  • Colored personal photo.

How long will the UAE tourist visa keep you in the country?

As mentioned earlier, the validity of a tourist visa for the United Arab Emirates is five years, as this must be achieved within the criteria of certain conditions, including staying on the territory of the country for a period of time not exceeding ninety days in one year.


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The clock starts ticking in the first year of the visa’s validity from the moment it is used for the first time to enter the UAE using the UAE’s five-year visit visa system.

With an emphasis on the possibility of extending the annual period of residence for more than 90 days, provided that it does not exceed 180 days, by submitting a request to extend the period of residence within the country, the maximum number of days that can be spent in the United Arab Emirates in any year is 180 days.

Frequently asked questions about the price of a 5-year UAE visa

What is the UAE visa price from Sudan?

A visa to enter the UAE from Sudan for 14 days will cost you 120 dirhams.

How much does the UAE visa cost?

The cost of a UAE entry visa is about 450 dirhams, and the urgent issuance fee is 100 dirhams.

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What is the price of the UAE visa for residents of Saudi Arabia?

It should be noted that in order to obtain this visa, you will first need to obtain an entry visa to the UAE, and the cost of the visa will be 2100 AED.

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