A very sad wisdom | Mix

A very sad wisdom | Mix
A very sad wisdom | Mix

Ammon – grief

Sadness is a temporary state that affects the heart for various reasons, as a result of which a person feels miserable and unwilling to live, and if it exceeds its limit, it may cause a lot of feelings of hatred and hatred for others, and therefore this causes many health problems, and affects the personality of the person, and the way he deals with those around it. We have collected for you some of the sad rulings in this article, get to know them.

A very sad wisdom

Sometimes sadness overwhelms us until we get used to it.

Sometimes we may get used to sadness, until it becomes a part of us and we become a part of it, and sometimes the human eye gets used to some colors, and he loses the ability to see others, and if he tried to see what was around him, he would discover that black is beautiful, but white is more beautiful than it, and that the color of The gray sky stirs feelings and imagination; But the color of the sky is clearer in its blue, so search for purity even if it is a moment, and search for loyalty even if it is tiring and hard, and hold on to the strings of the sun even if it is far away, and do not leave your heart, your feelings, and your days for things whose time has been lost.

Words betray me, my tongue is paralyzed from expression, and my expressions suffocate me whenever I see the lines of age adorning your cheeks, and whenever I see the tiredness of the years throwing its shoulders to slash your head, O mother, O source of my happiness, hold me to you, for you are the only breast that relieves me from the burden of my years, O my mother, touch my cheeks with your hands Your blessed hand is the only palm on which I wish to lay my head on whenever my world narrows down, and your chest is the only refuge that strips me of my worries, comb my hair with your hands, for I long for the warmth of longing in your chest, I long for your touch and tenderness, O my mother, tell me a story and sing to me in your sweet and tender voice. Every time I see you I miss my childhood, and no matter how old I get, I am your spoiled child who refuses to grow up a day between the folds of your chest, in your hands you grew up, and in the warmth of your heart I took refuge, between your ribs I hid, and from your giving I quenched.

People may see the wound in your head, but they don’t feel the pain you are experiencing.

Make in your life a small hole in which you throw the mistakes of your friends, the important thing is that you also forget the location of the hole; So you don’t go back to it in moments of strife.

Don’t be sad that you failed as long as you try to get back on your feet.

A person without sadness and tears does not feel the taste of happiness or the warmth of laughter, so smile, then, O human being.

Because of my great concern and sadness, I returned to my loneliness, and my isolation in my room. I returned with my desire, ignoring everything I did, ignoring everything, even myself.


If you don’t find someone to light a lamp for you, don’t look for another who turns it off, and if you don’t find someone to plant roses in your days, then don’t seek someone who planted an arrow in your heart and went on.


If yesterday was lost, then today is in your hands, and if today will collect its papers and leave, then you have tomorrow. Do not be sad about yesterday, as it will not return, and do not regret today, as it is gone.

Whoever reads history will never despair in his heart, and he will see the world as days that God deliberates between people, the rich become poor, the poor turn into rich, the weak of yesterday are strong today, the rulers of yesterday are homeless today, the judges are accused, the victors are defeated, the orbit is spinning, and life does not stand still. Incidents do not stop flowing, people exchange chairs, no sadness continues, no joy lasts.

If the hearts are filled with despair, and the wide heart is narrowed, and the hardships are settled and settled, and the troubles are established in their places, and you do not see the face of the exposure of the harm, nor the richest of his tricks, then he comes to you in despair from you relief; The Gentle, the Responsible is bestowed upon him, and all incidents, if they are limited, are connected to them by a close relief.

Life is too small to waste it in long, endless sadness.

I did not see the rest of the faces in their expressions, except a mixture of fear, sadness, anger, and surrender.

To see sadness, tears, and wailing on the faces of those you used to only see laughing and smiling, that in itself is painful.

There is no good in a vinegar who betrays his boyfriend, and finds him with estrangement after affection.

Every bad event in your life has a hidden kindness, which you often don’t realize unless you look closely, you may not like it or not agree with it; but it remains good for you; Because he was destined for wisdom.

Sometimes sadness drowns us until we get used to it, and we forget that there are many things in life that can make us happy, and that around us there are many faces that can light a candle in the darkness of our days, so look for a heart that gives you light, and do not leave yourself hostage to the sorrows of the dark nights.

If winter closes the doors of your house, and snow hills surround you from everywhere, then wait for the arrival of spring and open your windows to the breezes of fresh air, and look away, and you will see flocks of birds singing back, and you will see the sun, throwing its golden threads over the tree branches, to make you a new life and a new dream. And a new heart.



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