Who is Shifa al-Kharraz Wikipedia Biography


Who is Shefaa Al-Kharraz Wikipedia Biography, as she is considered one of the most important and famous personalities who achieved great success in a short period and became a large fan base in the Arab world as she had a great influence on social networking sites, but in the last hours a group of Newspapers that they are involved with some tourist companies in money laundering, we will tell you the truth.

Who is Shifa al-Kharraz on Wikipedia?

Shafaa Al-Kharraz is a 44-year-old Kuwaiti fashion designer, who is committed to the Islamic religion that she inherited from her parents who belong to two noble and tribal families. Al-Kharraz worked for a travel company in Kuwait and became famous on social media after the impressive success she achieved in the tourism company as she was known. And thanks to her good morals, she is in the social environment in which Al-Kharraz works. Al-Kharraz’s fame increased after her name was included among 10 names accused of money laundering in the State of Kuwait, and her money and property were confiscated, in addition to the funds of the travel company in which Al-Kharraz works and is owned by Abdul. – Kharaz. Wahab Issa.

The fact that Shifa al-Kharraz was involved in a money laundering case

Shifa Al-Kharraz for money laundering The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior released the names of 10 influential people on social media accused of money laundering, interrogated them, and then released them on bail.

The result was a court order freezing their assets, banning them from traveling and confiscating all their boats, yachts and jet skis. An informed source at the time revealed the names of 10 Kuwaiti celebrities accused of the crime. Money laundering scandal

  • Halima Boland.
  • Cheetah victory.
  • Farah Al-Hadi.
  • Maryam Reda.
  • Jacob Bushiri.
  • Abdul Wahab Al-Essa.
  • Dana Al Tawarish.
  • Jamal Najada.
  • Shifa al-Kharraz on Wikipedia.
  • Meshary Buyabes.

The Ministry of Interior immediately released their names on the ground and air exits, fearing that any of them might escape through one of these exits.

Stages of developing the topic of healing Al-Kharaz

The issue of celebrity money laundering through the Prime Time Zone boutique sparked social media and Instagram after six of them were accused of money laundering with irrefutable evidence, and the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas quoted an informed source as saying

Several communications were received by the defendants’ prosecution, pending a final report on the source of these funds, which includes the involvement of some of the defendants who influence social networking sites in suspicious financial transactions with well-known parties.

The source continued

He added, “The six defendants will be referred to the criminal court early next year, and it is expected that the prosecution will proceed with their case, which is currently considering the matter, given that the money laundering case affects the reputation of the State of Kuwait.”


An asset freeze will likely remain in effect until the defendants are found guilty or acquitted, while a celebrity asset freeze will remain in effect until proven guilty or acquitted.


Shifa Al Haraz boutiques

Shefaa Al-Kharraz was accused of money laundering for celebrities and personalities on social media and social networking sites because of her work in a Kuwaiti tourism company around the world, in addition to her work in the Prime Time Zone boutique company, which is directly accused of money laundering. And managing the money of celebrities from the Arab Gulf and the Arab world, such as Halima Boland and others.

Healing Fascism Kharaz

Shifa al-Kharraz was accused of money laundering as a result of her work in a company that organizes tours to and from the State of Kuwait, in addition to her work in a boutique company dealing with the money of influencers on social media.

The assets of the fascist were frozen by the recovery of Al-Kharraz after discovering an unreasonable increase in funds from some influential people and their recognition of the possible involvement of Al-Kharraz in the case.

It is worth noting that Shifa Al-Kharraz was known as a mediator in the State of Kuwait for her professionalism and stardom in the field of tourism travel, which some considered a gateway to laundering celebrity money.

It is worth noting that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior accused Al-Kharraz of using trips arranged by a travel company to bring in illegal funds, and as a result froze her assets and prevented her from leaving the country.

Shefaa Al-Kharraz Instagram account

Shifa Al-Kharraz has a good following on our nice social media page on Instagram where she promotes her travel company’s trips around the world and has a good interaction with her wide audience via social media and an account called (jum3tna_al7elwa) can be seen on the Instagram app.

In conclusion, we mentioned who Shifa al-Kharraz is and her biography on Wikipedia. We also explained the fact that Shifa al-Kharraz was involved in the money laundering case. We also mentioned the latest developments in the case of Shifa al-Kharraz.



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