Judgment on Heaven | Mix

Judgment on Heaven | Mix
Judgment on Heaven | Mix

Ammon – Judgment on Heaven

There is a paradise in this world, and whoever does not enter it will not enter the paradise of the hereafter.

The sane person sees no price for himself except Paradise.

Your Lord is amazed at a people who are driven to Paradise in chains.

In Paradise, we do not know the word: There is no.. except in, there is no god but Allah.

Some may go to heaven with half the hardship it takes to go to hell.

The silence surrounding the graves does not mean that everyone is in heaven.

Nostalgia for Heaven, then, is a person’s desire not to be human.

If we found the middle position and combined material growth with spiritual values, we would find paradise on earth.

He who is not attracted by the wind of Paradise, will not be excited by a song or a melody, and those who knock on the gates of death need the voice of God.

Heaven is the place where a person enjoys security and dignity, while Hell is what is not.

And the believer does not raise a desire in his soul, but he extinguishes it with the rivers of Paradise, or he burns it with the fire of Hell, so he is relieved from it.

Heaven and Hell are within yourself.

The servant has a Lord who meets him, and a house in which he resides. So he should please his Lord before meeting him, and build his house before moving to him.

I have not seen the one who sleeps like Hellfire, nor the one like Paradise whose seeker sleeps.

No one who has a mustard seed’s weight of faith in his heart will enter Hell, and no one who has a mustard seed’s weight of pride will enter Paradise.

Al-Ridha is the greatest gate of God, the paradise of the world, and the garden of those who know.


The people of Paradise will not grieve over anything, as they grieve over an hour in which the name of God is not mentioned.


The houses of Paradise are built with remembrance, if the remembrance is withheld from the remembrance, the angels are withheld from building.

He who aspires to heaven strives to seek it, and he who fears hell strives to expel the Arabs from it.

Beware of procrastination, for death comes suddenly, and let us not be afraid of the dream of God Almighty, for Heaven and Hell are closer to one of you than the straps of his sandal.

He who enters Paradise through my intercession is among my nation.

Whoever loves to be expelled from Hell and enter Paradise, let his wish come to him while he believes in God and the Last Day, and let him come to the people he loves to come to.

Heaven is the death of taboos.. and the death of forbidden things.. Heaven is the death of authorities.. Heaven is the death of boredom.. the death of fatigue.. the death of despair.. Heaven is the death of death.

Glory be to God, heaven has been adorned for the speech, so they strived to collect the dowry, and the Lord of Glory is known to the lovers by His names and attributes, so they worked on the meeting while you were busy with the carrion.

I believe that heaven is a time, not a place.. It is a time of closeness to God Almighty.. This is the essence of heaven.

Who told you that the path to heaven is paved with roses?

Seeking Paradise without work is a sin.

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but not everyone wants to die.

My Lord, injustice is everywhere, and Paradise is the last human endeavor, not the first.

By God.. If you were to speak to her and feed her food, she would enter Paradise, as she would not have avoided the major sins.

When Umm Iyas bin Muawiyah died, he wept for her, and he was told about that, so he said: I had two open doors to heaven, so one of them was closed.

If the believers are saved from Hell, they will be confined to a bridge between Heaven and Hell, and they will settle the grievances that were between them in this world, until when they are purified and polite, then they will be permitted to enter Paradise.



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