The Emirati “Al Seer Marine” acquires a tanker for 132 million dirhams


Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: A company acquired Al Seer Marine For Marine Equipment & Supplies subsidiary of the “International Holding Company”, on the tanker “MT MIS”, in a deal worth 132 million dirhams with a 5-year work contract..

“Al Seer Marine” indicated in a statement that it will continue to develop its fleet of tankers with the increase in global demand for petroleum products, especially with China moving away from “zero Covid” policies.“.

She explained that the percentage of “MT Miss” revenues is expected to reach 20 percent during the next ten years, pointing out that the “MT Miss” deal will increase the value of the Seer Marine fleet to more than 2.4 billion dirhams..

Jay Nevins, CEO of Al Seer Marine, said that the company’s expectations for 2023 in terms of overall levels of profits remain high, as the dynamics of advanced product supply present a new opportunity to invest in the product tanker sector..

Last June, Al Seer Marine announced the acquisition of two new giant crude oil tankers, in line with its efforts to strengthen its growing fleet of marine tankers..

The combined deadweight capacity of the two new carriers MV Twin Castor AndMV Twin Pollux With a total value of 404 million dirhams (320 thousand tons), which will enhance the company’s capabilities in shipping crude oil, petroleum products and other lubricating oils and fuel..


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