The verdict in the case of the murder of a woman at the hands of a farmer and his sister in Kafr El-Sheikh next February – the governorates


Today, Monday, the Kafr El-Sheikh Criminal Court, the “Fourth Circuit”, decided to reserve the case of accusing a farmer of killing a woman in her forties in the Burullus center and burning her with the help of his sister, after she was transferred to the city of Nubariya in the Buhaira governorate, to the third day of the court’s session next February to pronounce the verdict, and authorize the submission of Final notes.

Details of the murder case of Mrs. Al-Borollos

The court’s decision was issued under the chairmanship of Chancellor Hossam Muhammad Salih, President of the Court and the Chamber, and the membership of the counselors Youssef Adly Khalil, Hamdi Abdel Tawab Moawad, and the secretariat of Muhammad Khalifa, in the events of Case No. 14681 of 2022 Burullus Police Station felonies, registered with No. 1375 of 2022 Kafr El-Sheikh College.

Investigation into the murder of Our Lady of Burullus

Counselor Saud Muhammad Naguib, the attorney general of the Kafr El-Sheikh Public Prosecution, had referred both “M.R.A.F.S”, 38 years old, a farmer and residing in the village of Sheikh Mubarak, affiliated to the Burullus Center, and his sister, “R.A.F.S.” S., 40 years old, a housewife, who resides in the sea coast of the Burullus Center, to the Kafr El-Sheikh Criminal Court, accusing them of having killed the victim, A.A.A.A.A, on January 30, 2022, in the Burullus Center district. due to differences between them.

The two defendants also hid the victim’s body, and transported it to a farm in the Nubariya area in Buhaira Governorate, and set fire to the body to hide its features, and buried its remains away from people’s eyes.


The first accused committed the crime intentionally

The order to refer the two accused brothers to the Kafr El-Sheikh Criminal Court revealed that the first accused, the farmer, committed the crime premeditatedly, following a verbal altercation that broke out between them with a white weapon “knife”, that he inflicted two blows, one on her shoulder, and the other on her neck, causing her injury, which intentionally took her life. Behind this is the loss of her soul.


The referral order stated that the accused stole the movables of the victim, which consisted of two mobile phones and gold jewelry, after completing his crime in the Baltim resort. to carry them.

The case papers revealed about the second accused, a housewife, the sister of the first accused, that she knew of the occurrence of the crimes subject to the aforementioned accusations, so she helped her brother, the first accused, to flee from the judiciary by helping him hide the evidence of those crimes, as they transported together the body of the victim on the land located in the new Nubariya area, where it was found. on the remains of her body.



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