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New League | sports newspaper
New League | sports newspaper

It can be said that the Saudi “Roshan” league is new now. With all the details, he is in a different stage, with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Riyadh and the contract with Al-Nasr Club, and the recruitment of a new president of the Professional League, and with him major changes in terms of structure.
And the association will be headed by new executives, headed by British Gary Cook, who will be CEO, with Saad Al-Lathif as his deputy – according to news broadcast by Al-Sharq Al-Awsat yesterday.
This is a new situation, and a move to a greater level than just a marketing regulation, expelling weakness from the concept of selling and popularizing sports. Local clubs have suffered from the domination of one group over another, the absence of the common good, and the search of the weak for benefits that flow into one club over another. Now, the situation is different. And the presence of higher competencies means that the targets will be greater, and the promotion of the Saudi League will reach more distant areas, with the unification of visions and goals.
The Englishman was CEO of Manchester City for three years, and also worked for Nike, and Saad Latheef was an agent in the Sports Authority for Technical Affairs and Investment. We are in an era that supports the League and raises its administrative and technical values.
The commercial regulations in the Saudi Professional League are poorly built, and some presidents failed to develop resources and standards of governance within their clubs. And the league escaped from its hands files that would have accrued to the clubs in huge sums, and it did not improve the opening of creative outlets, and it did not reach the successful schools in marketing and selling the brand.
Over the past period, the association remained within a narrow framework that did not exceed the spaces of shirts, stadium advertisements, and the distribution of promotional fabrics in the seats, with a complete absence of media influence, and a failure to own the audience’s follow-up.
The viewership of the league and the matches has expanded amid entering geographical areas that transmit local competition that did not exist before, reaching European countries such as France, England, Italy, and Turkey, and Africa and Latin America took their share of the broadcast.
The present time, and with it the near future, may require cadres and work groups in professional clubs in particular, with the exclusion of all current faces presiding over boards of directors, provided that the scientific and practical background of the new names, with qualifications in marketing, accounting, and asset development.
We are growing and this is tangible, and we have no choice but to open the doors to the energies and the successful, and not to allow some of those who are unable to develop their thoughts to hold onto one of the matters of high ambition.



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