Urgent Saudi Arabia announces the localization of new professions by 100% next month

Urgent Saudi Arabia announces the localization of new professions by 100% next month
Urgent Saudi Arabia announces the localization of new professions by 100% next month

Last Tuesday, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia announced the start of the localization of jobs for new economic activities in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah to increase job opportunities in that region and increase the demand for the labor market in it by citizens, so that the localization rate in it ranges from 40 to 100%.

Professions that will settle in Medina

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When calculating the percentage of Emiratisation in an establishment, the calculation of the percentage must not conflict with other decisions applied to the rest of the employees. The Ministry clarified that the percentage of Emiratisation ranges from 40 to 100%, because the percentage distribution is as follows:

40% of occupations

40% of the workers in restaurants, banquets, fast-cooked meals, as well as juice shops will be resettled within Madinah, whether in independent or combined buildings, and this will be implemented in stores that have 4 or more workers per shift.

50% of the occupations

50% of the workers serving drinks in cafes and ice cream parlors in the city will be localized, whether in independent or combined buildings, and this will be applied in shops that have two or more workers in one shift, and this localization will also be applied to workers in the wholesale sale of food and beverages.

Activities excluded from resettlement for important restaurants and cafes

  • cafeteria.
  • Personnel preparing food.
  • Supply.
  • Restaurants inside villas, apartments, hotels and hospitals.

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Percentage of nationalized occupations

  • 40% sales representative.
  • 100% accounting fund employee.

Exceptional occupations uniforms

Professions that will settle in Medina

The Ministry stressed the need to adhere to the uniform for the excluded professions, including males and females, and the profession must be written behind the worker’s uniform, in addition to No. 164091 and this date 11/14/1441 related to the workers’ uniform.

Mechanism for implementing penalties and legal procedures

When the facility does not comply with the percentages and decisions of Emiratisation, the Ministry will take strict measures and implement penalties against that facility according to the violations schedule No. 92768 dated 5/5/1443.

Clarifications about implementing the decision

The Ministry affirmed that the Emiratisation decision and penalties are implemented on all citizens in all establishments, and stressed that the Saudi citizen must be registered in the social insurance so as not to be excluded from the Emiratisation decision or to be a holder of the self-employment document.

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What are the Saudi professions in 2022?

  • Secretarial of all kinds.
  • Translation work.
  • Language specialists.
  • Storekeeper.
  • data entry.

How much is the Saudization salary?

Starting from 5000 Saudi riyals.

What is the percentage of engineers’ localization?

The localization rate is 20%.

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