A short topic on environmental pollution

A short topic on environmental pollution
A short topic on environmental pollution

A short topic on environmental pollution, which is considered one of the important topics that must be written about at different stages of the study, given that the environment is the mother that supports creation in general and humanity in particular, as God Almighty has endowed man with many blessings, and one of his duties is praise God bless these blessings and strive to preserve them, and considers the environment, including natural resources, which include water, air, plants, and animals, the basis of human life, and if the environment is polluted, then human life will also be polluted, which will negatively affect his health, as how a person relates to his environment It will inevitably reflect on it, good or bad, and given the importance of this topic, we will write to you through our article with tips in order to write a comprehensive topic on the environment of environmental pollution with all the elements necessary for that, with mentioning phrases praising the necessity of preserving the environment.

Top tips for writing a short essay on pollution

The topic of writing about environmental pollution is one of the important topics that all male and female students must know what writing about this topic pertains to every individual in society, and there are a number of tips that are useful to follow when writing a topic of pollution, and these tips are summarized in the following steps to obtain a topic Good pollution

  • Research It is good to first learn as much as possible about the problem of environmental pollution, and this is done by collecting information that will be used in the topic. This will require many hours of desk research and interviews with subject matter experts. In addition, reading environmental articles on this topic is very helpful in gathering the necessary information.
  • Start writing the topic It is good to create a clear structure for the elements of the topic, as there should be an introduction, a body of the topic, and a conclusion. When developing the topic outline, it is a good idea to summarize what needs to be written in each paragraph, and care must be taken to ensure that the transition from each section of the topic to the next is coherent, creating a coherent story. .
  • Writing an attractive introduction and conclusion These two paragraphs are the most important parts of the topic because they represent the first and last impression that the reader will get from the topic, as the introduction must attract the attention of the reader so that he feels the need to continue. reading. The conclusion should also be attractive and make an impression on the reader, making him think about the topic after reading the entire article.
  • Editing a topic You should always check for spelling errors, and when writing a topic, it’s a good idea to keep sentences and paragraphs short and easy to read.

A short topic on environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is a violation of nature created by God Almighty. Pollution occurs as a result of human use of various pollutants, which leads to confusion and imbalance in the ecosystem. Pollution also occurs as a result of human activities and irresponsible behavior, or as a result of natural phenomena such as volcanoes and fires. Knowing that environmental pollution comes in many forms, such as soil pollution with chemicals such as pesticides and agricultural fertilizers, and water pollution from mixing sewage with drinking water, or from oil leakage from a tank, while air pollution results from factory smoke, car exhausts, and noise pollution. for loud noises.

But in general, environmental pollution negatively affects human health, which reduces production and economic activity of the individual, which negatively affects the growth and development of society. Pollution also leads to an increase in the number of deaths, and water pollution causes many diseases, such as typhoid fever and cholera. . Perhaps the best solution to the problem of environmental pollution is saving energy and water, keeping the environment clean and recycling waste. Reducing the use of transportation is also one of the most important things you can do to preserve the environment and rely on walking and cycling to get you from one place to another. We should also plant a lot of trees, since this cultivation allows us to get rid of many harmful toxic gases, and if the earth turns green again, then pollution can be reduced and we will start to breathe clean air, and our planet will again become one of the most beautiful planets.

Short essay on environmental pollution by elements

An integrated topic on environmental pollution, and it includes an introduction to the topic, the essence of the topic on pollution and its forms, and finally a conclusion to the topic, which is

  • Introduction The environment is our great home, and we must not lose the charm of God-given nature due to human pollution of the environment, including the excessive use of various types of industrial pollutants.
  • Spectacle Planet Earth that God Almighty prepared to be a suitable environment for human life, where all its elements and components are organized with each other to satisfy the needs of humans and living beings, and any defect in any component. From the planet Earth to a direct impact on human life and other living organisms, as this may lead to problems that cannot be cured or corrected.

There are different forms of pollution, the most important of which are water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, and air pollution. Major pollutants come from industries, as factories emit harmful and toxic gases into the atmosphere. Another pollutant responsible for pollution is combustion smoke and emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. In addition to poor urban planning that allows industrial facilities to be built near water sources, as some factories turn these water sources into hazardous industrial waste dumps, causing water pollution and the extinction of living organisms and aquatic organisms. In addition, oil spills from oil tankers cause pollution of sea and ocean waters, severe damage to the marine environment and the death of many marine organisms. One of the main causes of soil pollution is the excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which negatively affects the health of organisms that feed on plants, the most important of which are humans and animals, which explains the increase in the number of infected people. cancer. all types.


In order to protect our environment from the dangers of pollution, it is necessary to find effective solutions to the various problems of pollution by controlling its causes, such as strengthening the controls applied to factories and vehicles, in addition to encouraging agriculture and investing in arable lands and preventing the expansion of cities on them. Islam called for agriculture and the preservation of the environment. The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “If the hour comes and one of you has a seedling, then if he is able to grow it so that he can plant it, let him do it.”

  • Conclusion The responsibility of preserving the environment and protecting it from pollution lies with everyone, especially after the increase in problems resulting from this pollution, such as the rise in global temperature, the reduction of vegetation cover and the increase in the number. From extinct species of living organisms, countries began to hold conferences to combat environmental pollution, and many voluntary associations were established around the world. However, this is not enough, preserving the environment should be a priority in everyone’s life, so let’s start with measures to reduce the environmental catastrophe by changing all our behaviors, daily lifestyle, and consumption habits.

Writing the topic of protection from pollution

The environment is everything that surrounds a person, including air, land, and bodies of water. This is the sanctuary of man and the place where the Creator follows to live and do His work. If the environment is suitable, man will live a life full of happiness and health, but if it becomes corrupt or unbalanced, many problems and misfortunes will follow all of humanity. For this reason, many conservation agencies and organizations have begun to make tireless efforts to protect them and preserve their natural balance.

The natural environment is manifested in the manifestations that God created for us, such as mountains, valleys, deserts, rivers and seas, all of which need care and attention to ensure that its elements work in a balanced system without imbalance, like any defect. With regard to the elements, the environment together will lead to serious environmental problems that will affect the human body. Human health and safety, and perhaps the acid rain that we are witnessing these days, is one example of the danger of environmental pollution, because it causes soil erosion and air and water pollution, which causes many dangerous diseases. Thus, protecting the environment is the responsibility of every person living on the surface of the planet by following the right behaviors that ensure no harm to the environment, such as using clean and alternative energy sources for fossil fuels, recycling materials and saving. . In the consumption of water, electricity and fuel of all kinds, care must be taken when disposing of waste and reduce the use of vehicles and vehicles to reduce air pollution. All this will help us to live in a clean environment and enjoy a disease-free life.

The most beautiful phrases encouraging the protection of the environment from pollution

There are many phrases and sayings that encourage and call for environmental protection, and among these phrases we mention the following

  • We would not have a society if we destroyed the environment – Margaret Mead.
  • The environment is not meant to be destroyed by anyone. Everyone has a duty to protect – Mohit Ajadi.
  • We don’t have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment – Dennis Weaver.
  • A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our planet, purifying the air and revitalizing our people – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • What good is a house if you don’t have a potential planet to build on Henry David Thoreau.
  • Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, promoting economic growth…it’s the same fight.
  • We must link climate change, water scarcity, energy scarcity, global health, food security and women’s empowerment, and solutions to one problem must be solutions for all – Ban Ki-moon.
  • If all of humanity disappears, the world will be restored to the rich balance that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects disappeared, the environment would collapse into chaos – EO Wilson.
  • What we do to the world’s forests is a mirror image of what we do to ourselves and to each other – Chris Moser.
  • Our planet’s alarm has sounded, it’s time to wake up and act – Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Sooner or later, we will have to recognize that the Earth also has the right to live without pollution, humanity must know that people cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans – Evo Morales
  • The Earth provides enough to satisfy all human needs, but not all human greed – Mahatma Gandhi
  • It is a terrible thing that we have to fight our government to save the environment – Ansel Adams.
  • The only way forward if we want to improve the quality of the environment is to get everyone involved – Richard Rogers.

Here we have finished our article, which is titled A Short Topic on Environmental Pollution, which provides advice on writing a topic on environmental pollution and uses it to create phrases that form various topics related to environmental pollution and the need to preserve and protect it, in addition to presenting a group of the most beautiful phrases that encourage Protecting the environment from pollution.



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