The success story of “Pyramids” to destroy the prices of rubber… It covers the Egyptian market and exports to 10 countries – governorates


Engineer Ahmed Atef, head of the design department at the Pyramids Factory for the production of car tires in the industrial zone, south of Port Said, said that the factory started in the Egyptian market two years ago and is moving towards the world because of our prices. inflatables and welding adhesive, stressing that the industry is the most important pillar for any state in front.

A story of challenge… a success story that started 3 years ago

Atef told Al-Watan, in a statement to Al-Watan, the success story of Pyramids, that we started production in 2020 in the Corona pandemic, when the largest factories in the world at the time were closing their doors and it was a great challenge for us, but the will of the workers was stronger to achieve a great addition to the tire industry in the Middle East on the land of Port Said with an area 75 thousand meters and from export to outside Egypt from the first month, then successive exports within a year to 5 countries, and currently we export to 10 countries, and within months we will export to America.

Foreign experts are also used to train workers to work, and success began. The first product of size 8-400 was manufactured, and it has several uses, including in tuk-tuks and cars that carry yachts, then the sizes of external tires were rolled out.


Atef emphasized that the surplus of the rubber industry was utilized in the manufacture of spare parts for motorcycles and transport vehicles and feeding other industries, including air bladders for transport vehicles, motorcycle brake calipers, four-wheel drive vehicles, Hyundai tires, luggage carriers at airports, railroad tracks, and tires for motorcycles, which require safety factors and we have German experts supervise the quality of the product and conduct experiments for each stage in the production line by exposing the rubber to pressures and endurance over certain hours and high speeds through the latest testing machines with German experience and quality.


Recycle used tires

The head of the design department added that the factory recycles used tires, welds the tires and tightens the trailer

And about the story of the tire size 6/30-310 inside a glass box, he said that it was designed as a souvenir for President Al-Sisi for his efforts in supporting and achieving the Egyptian industry.




The spirit of the ancient Egyptian civilization is present on the company’s products

He pointed out that the tires were named and written in the language of the ancient Egyptian civilization, such as Hatshepsut, Hor, Karnak, the Great Snake, the wing of Isis and Cleopatra, and it was written on them “Made in Egypt with German technology” to attract the foreign market and confirm our belonging to Egypt.


He stressed that the production of car tires in the factory competes with and surpasses tires imported from East Asian countries at prices starting from 370 pounds, in addition to a general guarantee against manufacturing defects with a card with the date of sale written on it.


future expansions

The factory aims at future expansions in production lines to be the number one to cover the Egyptian market of all motorcycle tires during next April. It also begins in the first phase to manufacture angel car tires at the end of this year and all the industries that feed them, indicating that there are currently car-size tires. suzuki van


He pointed out that the factory management published a price list for car tires in order to address the greed of some merchants, and called on merchants and distributors to abide by the prices, including value-added and warranty.




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