Biden’s concealment of confidential documents may end his term with a new scandal


Perhaps it is the first time in the history of the American political entity that two presidents, former and current, are subject to simultaneous investigation procedures on similar charges, corruption and possession of secret documents after leaving the White House.

  • Biden's concealment of confidential documents may end his term with a new scandal
    Biden’s concealment of confidential documents may end his term with a new scandal

The discovery of top-secret documents in the possession of US President Joe Biden gradually led to the appointment of a special investigator by the Ministry of Justice, which sparked a debate within the leaders of the Democratic Party regarding the opportunity to re-elect him for a second presidential term, in conjunction also with the determination of the leaders of the Republican Party to continue scrutinizing the course of the president, which they called him “” The pinnacle of corruption” and the misuse of his political position to enrich his son Hunter.

Perhaps it is the first time in the history of the American political entity that two presidents, former and current, are subject to simultaneous investigation procedures on similar charges, corruption and possession of secret documents after leaving the White House, and the tendency of President Biden and his party leaders to skip the repercussions of possession of documents, according to recent leaks, even if This led to the end of the prosecution of his opponent, President Trump. All this promises to shuffle the cards of the two parties in the search for a presidential candidate who enjoys support and good reputation.

What distinguishes the charge of possessing secret documents between former President Donald Trump and then-Vice President Joe Biden are the constitutional provisions that give the country’s president the power to classify or remove secret classification from state documents, but the vice president does not have a similar power. As for his constitutional authority, it is limited to presiding over the Senate session, and he assumes the duties of the president in the event of death. The constitution allows the president of the country to hand over documents to his deputy, and this clause expires when they leave the White House, on December 20 of the year following the elections.

The serial “dropper” disclosure of secret documents in the possession of Vice President Biden, at the time, cast doubt on his credibility and his survival until the end of his presidential term. The resulting troubles have introduced “unprecedented political challenges” to his political future. Democratic leaders are also concerned about what they see as White House media campaigns to “distract unwelcome attention” in conjunction with failed efforts to contain the damage (The Hill, January 16, 2023).

President Biden promised to announce his intention to run in the next round of presidential elections next March. As for after being pursued in a series of scandals and investigations, and the decline in his popularity indicators to about 44% (according to the “FiveThirtyEight” website), he may give way to other candidates, and the readiness of the liberal current within the Democratic Party to enter the presidential race, as expressed by Senator Bernie Sanders, who will take A decision on that will be made in the coming weeks.

An opportunity to enter new elements on the race?

The deterioration of the two parties and the reflection of their corruption throughout the political track may motivate “new” elements to enter the presidential race, perhaps from outside the centers of power in Washington, similar to former President Donald Trump. Perhaps the most important of all is the opportunity that the two parties need to renew the hope of the political entity and pump “new blood” after successive periods of stagnation and reproduce previous policies and their symbols at the same time.

President Biden will deliver his annual speech on “the state of the nation” early next month, and perhaps announcing his intention to run for the presidential elections, while the atmosphere is clouded with feelings of suspicion, despite his assertion that the resulting crisis is “insignificant, and the American people do not understand the truth of what is going on,” while a remarkable majority expressed Of the American people, (60%) express their lack of confidence in the president’s behavior (USA Today, January 22, 2023).

The essence of the Democratic Party leaders’ concern is represented by the White House’s confusion in its efforts to contain the issue, as an official statement was issued early this month “acknowledging the existence of secret documents in a private office last November, but ignoring the disclosure of a second set of documents that were stored in The president’s private home” in Delaware, at the end of last December, and President Biden’s team is betting that “a full declaration will not mitigate public anger” (CNN, January 23, 2023).

In a move that seems somewhat marginal is the way the FBI deals with both presidents, Trump and Biden, and the validity of the American people’s doubts about the function of the Homeland Security Service that it perpetuates “the existence of two equations of justice: the first for the elite and the second for the public.”


In the case of President Trump, the device “raided” his private home in Florida, while in the second case, “the president agreed to search his private home by the FBI,” after his narrow team reached the conclusion that entering the office on the line “is inevitable.” (CNN, January 23, 2023).


It is also noteworthy that the leaders of the Republican Party have renewed accusations against the FBI that it is “the long hand of the White House” and that it favors the policies of the Democratic Party, and that it must be held accountable and possibly face calls for its dissolution, despite the lack of prospects for its success in the current period.

The directions of the Republican Party leaders will affect the Minister of Justice, Merrick Garland, against the background of his decision to “raid” the house of former President Trump, his delay in pursuing the son of President Hunter Biden, and the reopening of their corruption file again, regardless of the extent to which the investigation will go and its expected results. However, it is proven that it will deepen President Biden’s dilemmas, and increase pressure on the leaders of the Democratic Party to present another presidential candidate.

It was recently revealed that the Minister of Justice was “involved” in covering up the documents of President Biden, and he was “prepared to ignore some details of the ongoing investigations,” during the official announcement, and that he had to reveal the second batch of documents that “were found a few weeks earlier, and the White House was He knows that” (CNN, January 23, 2023).

Potential Democratic Candidates

Among the potential Democratic candidates in the short term is the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, who is classified as a liberal but considered a “hard leftist”, according to the official narrative prevalent in American society.

The other candidate was Minister of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, but his reluctance to address the crisis of the domestic airline, “Southwest”, canceling hundreds of its flights caused damage to several thousand travelers within a few days, in addition to the failure of popular and human rights appeals for his urgent intervention in urging him to In deciding on it, he left a general impression of his involvement or submission to the choice of the priority of major corporations at the expense of public safety.

Perhaps political wisdom requires waiting for the emergence of any potential candidate in the short term until a number of issues become clear, the most important of which is what President Biden will say during his annual speech and whether it will include announcing his political future, candidacy or withdrawal, and the direction of the investigations raised by the leaders of the Republican Party and what might happen. It results in him opening files, some of them related to the global strategy of the United States, especially the two-party policy in confronting China, which Biden’s secret documents revealed about “financial donations made by China to a research center” that was run by President Biden after he left the White House.

Wrong behaviors committed by American presidents that caused their overthrow. Former President Richard Nixon against the backdrop of the disclosure of his recordings in the “Watergate” scandal of his official conversations other than his powers granted, and President Jimmy Carter for supporting the Shah of Iran shortly before his fall and the resulting hostage-taking of American diplomats.

President Biden’s “scandals” do not deviate from the fate of his predecessors, especially when taking into account the Republican Party’s leaders’ insistence on bringing his son Hunter to accountability and investigation as a result of his father’s “corruption” during his tenure as US Vice President, and the illegal enrichment resulting from the latter’s relationship with the Ukrainian government, both judicially and financially. .



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